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    I just got a juicer for Christmas and was juicing some fruits and veggies. Since I had a grapefruit for breadfast, I just put the peel from it in the juicer with the rest of the stuff. OH MY GOD WAS IT AWFUL!!! (I know, dumb thing to do--should've known better)

    Are there other things that you should not use the skin from for taste, health, safety, etc?


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    says Jay Korkich, "The Juiceman". I like them too. I juice the whole scrubbed Key Lime. Dilute it down with Apple.

    Melons can be Juiced with the whole skin. Jay says that 90% of the vitamins are in or near the skin.

    Take a look at the dark blue posts at the top about juicing and Google juicing for free recipes.

    My favorite for CFS is what I call, "The drink of the gods", Jay calls it,The "Liver Cleanser". 1/2 beet, 1/2 cucumber + carrots to the top of the glass. If your liver is polluted, this will make you sick! Cooking the vegetables kills the enzymes so eating something fresh like this really get things moving.
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    Thank you for your reply. I had already checked the post you mentioned on juicing--in fact I had printed it off before I used my juicer. Unless I missed something, there wasn't much to do about the skins, except one post mentioned peeling the apples due to pests.

    Sooo, can we juice a pineapple rind, as an example. If there are a lot of vitamins between the fruit and the rind as you mentioned, suggesting that we do the whole fruit, aren't we missing vitamins if we peel it?

    What about pests, chemicals, etc. on other fruits? If it's organic do the rind, if not peel it? Are any rinds toxic? I can't imagine putting a whole kiwi thru the juicer(as an example) with that fuzzy stuff on it, besides, kiwi's are too yummy not to just eat them.

    Also, when I do things like kale, broccoli or chard, most of the veggie goes into the waste bin with only a tiny bit of juice. Those I think I'll blender to get more out of, I think I read that someone else does that too.

    Anymore input on the peels/rinds?


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