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  1. sascha

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    I have a Jack Lalanne juicer- not state of the art one, but i can't afford another - there's a lot of veg residue that remains (goes into a container as i juice). there's quite a bit of it. before i'd save it by keeping it in bag in freezer compartment and use it in soup stock, and that's good, but...

    it's the uncooked, fresh veg bits i really want. don't know why this didn't occur to me before- i suddenly started putting the veg residue into most anything- at the last minute so it doesn't really cook - pasta sauce, chili, yogurt smoothies... i really want to add that fresh, raw veg!

    so now my plan is to keep the veg bits that i accumulate in a container in fridge and scoop some out and add to whatever i'm having. Sascha

  2. earthdog2000

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    Hi Sascha!

    I too have a Jack Lalaine juicer and use it about 2-3 times a day! Thanks so much for the info, it's priceless! I always just throw out the residue and veg bits! I'm definetly going to try that out in my chili this weekend! Thanks again for this wonderful idea!

    Faith and Comfort, Julie
  3. Mikie

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    A blender type of juicer which makes smoothies out of fruits and veggies so one doesn't lose all that good fibre. I stopped juicing because all the good, valuable parts of the plants was lost. Also, the juice is high on the glycemic scale. I would think this new juicer/smoothie maker would be healthier.

    Love, Mikie

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