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    Has anyone here tried that. I noticed after reading a few post of Jlittles.. that she tried and I had just posted back to her after she left one for me.
    My Mom and Dad do juicing and do the Hallelujah Acres plan.. and My Mom said she feels so much better.. juicing.. she just turned 78 in May.. She was using a small I guess its a trampoline and she walked every day, when they were in Florida.. On their way home.. in NC, She picked up a Hurom Slow Juicer that my Uncle give me.. ( which turned out to be just like brand new).. I've made juice with it.. with the carrots and celery 2 times now.. well, three counting yesterday and Oh my gosh that tastes so good. when it is really cold.. it is so refreshing.. I make a fruit smoothie at night and sometimes eat a Grahm cracker with it..for a snack
    but I was curious if others have juiced and if they think it is helping?
    I know on their website. if you google it, .. they have testimonies and all and it has helped so many people with different things..
    I am curious as to if others here have done this particular plan. and what their comments are about it!..
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    We just got a juicer and I seem to be the one having to use it. On the bright side, hubby cleans it up (which is a real pain in the neck). Certainly a great way to use up floppy veggies hahahha! and to consume veggies that I'm not so keen on, like beets. I try to incorp a lot of veggies in my mix bec fruit is sooo tasty and easy to consume. Veggies seem like work some days.
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    Yeah I am liking it alot so far too...... Going to experiment with some kale and other dark greens added this week............. Yeah they do don't they.. its hard to get them all in!..