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    Dear Julehan,
    I hae not been poating much as my bakc has been out of whack so much but as I was on line to night and had some excting news to share with all. I saw you post and read it. MY middle daughter was just here from Ct. Where she is a nanny. We had a long talk aboaut how SHE FEELS about my " Abusing drugs" And " BEING ADDICTED TO THEM" OF she had her way she would hvae be placed in to a restriced probgram and have all my pain meds taken away from me and I would be in a world of hurt.

    I am taking MScontin 100 mgs, I have the script for 100 mg to be take 5 times a day, MSIR { INstant RELEASE} 30 mg to be take 4 times a day soma 4 times a day. But it is the Morphine that she is worried about. I have been waking up at 5 am in a lot of pain so I get up and take a MSIR adn wait about 30 minutes to have it take effect and while waiting I will eat something and then I will take the MScontin 100 mg and about 20 minutes later the 350 soma and I will go back to bed and sleep till noon and I will be able to get up and load the dishwasher and do some laundry and when I start to hurt I will take some advil and it helps a bit and I will lay down and rest. But for me that means I will just dose reight off while I am laying on the couch with my TV on and I can hear the TV and the phone but I am not really in a deep sleep or really awake and I will some days just do this all day when I have over done it.

    But I don't take another MScontin till 5 pm and I don't take another soma till bedtime. So how is it that my daughter thinks I am addicted when I have days were I don't take my MScontin for almost 12 hours and I am NOT going threw with drawls but I am addicted? I am not addicted in my eyes but in hers I am.

    I do have days when the pain is worse from the degenerative disc diease , spinal stenosis, 2 buldging discs, osteoarithitis in both knees and in left wrist that I shatterd almost 2 years ago. Then add the chronic meyofacial pain syndrome and the fibromyaligia. I haev real Honest reasons for taking MScontin but I try to take it in small dose's and not take all the I can in a day when I am not having a bad day. But to the family I am addited because they will call me about 8 am when the meds have all kicked in and my voice is all slurred and I am out of it and to them I am stoned and have taken too much of the meds and I have not done that.

    What can I do? They don't listen when I tell them that I can go for 8-12 hours with out taking the MScontin and they blow that off. So do I have the symptoms of addiction? OR are they just misinformed adn don't watn to really know the truth of the matter that with the condititions I hvea that I will most likely be on pain meds for the rest of my life. The only way out that I can see is to get a pain pump implanted but when you have that done you have to have a great pain doctor who is going to be around here for ever and mine has been charged with touching a woman while she was under anesthia , { Demoral & VErsed}

    Too bad that she can't remeber that the Versed makes you forget and not remember what has happended to you. I have had surgery with it and I don't remeber any thing about it. I feel that he will win his case as he has the support of all the patients and most of the community but it is the doctors who feel like he is a pill pusher becaues they don't like to hand out a tyonleyl #3 { GP& OB.GYN's and ansethisists}

    But the pain pump is really expensive as is teh meds taht go in to it and you ahve to have a doctor who is willing to treat you when you have it. And if for some reason I lost this great doctor I have I would be up a creek in trying to find a new doctor who would take me on as a patient.
    And while I would like the comfort the pump has given most people, I also like it that NO one knows that your taking the pain meds. But I don't want to be up a creek with out a doctor that is willing to replace the meds I wil be needing the rest of my life.

    So do I sound like I am addicted to my MScontin? or are my family just up in the night in what they think is addiction? When is reality it is dependancy not addiction. Right?
    I just wnat some one to tell mme that I am not stupid and I don't know what i am talk ing aobut when it comes with what I take for my pain.

    Thanks for listening to me rant on about this.
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