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    Where outside of Sacramento did you come from? I was born and raised out there and came back here to Toledo, Ohio back in 1988 with my husband. My son was born in 1989, yes I was pregnant during that trip. I have had symptoms of this disease starting back when I was young, but did not get it full-blown until 1995. I had pushed and pushed, stressed and stressed until my body said that's enough. I have severe fatigue, lots of dizziness, brain fog, muscle pain, joint pain and like you feel very alone and depressed quite a bit because my relationship with my husband is like yours, very simple, not that it's a bad thing or anything. I don't have much of a social life either. I try and talk to friends on the phone. I had been doing so, so through the years and even got well enough that I managed to go back to work in 2001, but quickly went downhill through the years. I made the mistake, although it was kind of necessary, of having a complete hysterectomy the end of June and have really gone downhill since then. I have developed thyroid problems too. I just keep on trying to think positive and be thankful for the things that I have. I hope things get better for you too. Hope you didn't mind my writing you, but I thought I would give it a try since we are both from the same area.