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    Of course I do not want you to deleat your post.

    I think I have read most of what you have writen over the past few months and I admire the way you express your faith.

    You are are doer and not just sayer and I know you are a blessing in the lives of many [myself included].

    My problem is not so much with the idea of God, but I find the idea of Jesus being the son of God and the only way to save us from the pit of Hell getting harder to believe.

    I did at one time accept this as a fact on faith, I was sincere and and faithful for 30 some years.

    I have to say, in the body of Christ I recieved many blessings, met wonderful people and it probably saved my life.

    I respect the many who live their lives true to their faith, such as yourself, I am sorry that I no longer can keep that faith alive.

    Christianity has made the world a better place. We can thank the church for beautiful art, hospitals, help for the poor and homeless, education, and so on.

    In Christ I gained the peace that you speak of, I still experience joy and love, maybe even to a greater degree than before, I am at peace.

    I can still proclaim to God " How Great though Art".

    Julie, thank you for posting and feel free to add any comments. Love Denamay

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