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    Just did a search on gamma globulin injections and your post from June came up. I was wondering if you got the injections and if they worked for you? I had three so far, I herxed on the second so they reduced from 4cc to 2cc. I have to pay for these myself and am not sure they are helping. Would be curious to know what they did for you.
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    Hi there!
    I just happened to be browsing through & saw my name! I don't check the board every day so sorry for the delay in response.

    I've only been able to get one injection (about a month ago) & I also herxed. I had a terrible headache, felt feverish, etc for several days. My plan to get the injections weekly has been put on hold for financial reasons. But I plan to resume (or actually begin) getting them weekly next week. (Assuming I receive the insurance check that is supposed to be en route to me!)

    So, the one shot didn't help me as far as I can tell. I discussed it with my doctor this week and he said that (like everything), everyone reacts differently. It may take several injections before it helps. Or rather "if" it helps, I suppose. Like you, I'm curious as to if others have seen improvement after having the injections. I realize that in theory they should make a difference, but like everything else there's no sure thing.

    So, I will keep you posted on here & I hope you do the same! My doctor does have patients who have benefitted from having the injections regularly (& I do trust his judgement). I just hope that I'm one of them!

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    Let me know how you do OK?
    I did some more research on the web and I am going to continue with mine. I didn't herx on the third shot so that was good. I hope they help both of us!![This Message was Edited on 07/21/2006]
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    ...I hope they help both of us as well! Please do keep me posted as to your progress & also if you happen to find any good articles on the subject. I'll do the same!

    I just skimmed a couple of your posts & notice that you're also going to an FFC. I've been going to the one in Dallas for about a year & a half. I was actually at the point where I was feeling *much* better. However, I went back to work part time (building back up to full time on a gradual basis) & I've had some minor setbacks. There are several factors involved, but I'm thinking that just being exposed to a lot of people (large ofc) isn't helping. I seem to catch every little bug that goes around & have trouble shaking it.

    So, talk to you later I hope!
    Take care,