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    I'm just getting around to follow-up on some answers to my post 3/18. Want to thank you personally for your kind remarks and ask you if your husband got Lyme test results yet.

    You asked about who pulls who out of doldrums when both sick...well, usually one or the other of us is worse at any given time...its strange, cuz it seems like when one is stronger, the other can give in to the symptoms more easily. Like they have "permission" to rest more as we each know the other will carry on for that day or so.

    When SO got sick, she struggled to keep on working, but could not function in high responsibility job at all...boss, who really loved her work and work ethic, was great until she couldn't understand anything said in important meetings...her brain was so severely affected, and still is. So he actually helped her get disability by approving her application for it!

    The first couple of years were really hard, until we figured out who could do what! She has more physical energy, even with bad FM and CFS pain, so she does those things...groceries, yard, pool, walk dogs, etc.

    I still have some semblance of a brain working, so I do bookkeeping for 3 houses, tax prep work to take to accountant, planning meals and cooking, most dishes, dusting, all the little things that need attention, all laundry, etc.

    Best thing is, we let each other do things as THEY can; we don't ever put pressure on the other to do things in our own timeframe; so, the dust can really pile up before I get to it! LOL

    Our major time together is dinner while watching news, a rented movie, or visiting my one dau. near here, with grandson, or having them here. Other dau. lives out of state, plans to move here within next year..YAY! Its really hard when they (w/grdau) come to visit, as we are all here and even tho lots of room, sure screws up our schedules! But we get thru 2 wks at a time, of course I spoil them rotten when they're here, and way overdo it, but rest when they leave...well, almost die when they leave!

    Ok, evuf from me...oh, each of us is responsible for our own health care unless is an emergency...better train husband NOW, before too late!


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