Jumping Legs RLS??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Empower, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Empower

    Empower New Member

    When I am in bed at night, my legs actually jump!

    Does this sounds like Restless LEg, or something else???
  2. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    My legs started and arms started jumping several inches probably a foot or more from the medication that I was given for RSL. With the RSL, I kick (very hard at times per DH) when I am asleep. They had to reduce the Mirapex to the lowest possible dose and had to add Klonopin and Oxycodone to keep my legs quite.
  3. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    This sounds more like nocturnal myoclonus. With RLS you only feel the urge to move your legs, they don't actually move on their own.

    My arms, shoulders and abdomen would jump too. But not all the time like my legs.

    I could have been a stunt double to the girl in the excorcist : )

    I took Klonopin for this for 16 years. But since going gluten free I have been off Klonopin since August 4th, 2006. And so far only one nite of jerking.

    Myoclonous is a symptom of celiac disease. Try getting the gluten out of your diet and see if it helps.

  4. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I started a Gluten free diet in July, and the jumping worsened

    Go figure

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