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  1. Chilene

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    I have been having this almost indescribable feeling for the last two days. It does come at the end of a severe flare (too weak to stand, etc.)... and also at the end of a Herpes outbreak... so it's always hard to tell what's what.

    Yesterday I was in a severe flare in the morning but forced myself to go to a job interview. Then I seemed to feel better and went grocery shopping (oddly, some walking and little or no meals help my energy AT TIMES). By evening I felt great (for my standards), and even went to a meeting. Though around this time I felt also hyper/anxious and had racing brain (sometimes I think exercise causes this for me... so the walking).

    By the next day (today) I was weaker than ever again and felt extremely blue (circumstances or fatigue? I do live alone and have been a bit depressed...)... but though exhausted... I feel super anxious (as if tons of caffeine) and moody and irritable ... kinda how I felt when I had to go off Vicodan/withdrawal (I don't take any meds now... it's been years since the Vicodan)... and such racing brain!... and the more tired I get, the more shaky/hyper I feel!...

    Is this what happens when we're overtired or WHAT?

    Very confused. Never know when to rest or go. I can never wake up till I've slept 10 hours... but then I feel horrible when I do get up. Much worse than when I've had seven hours.

    Any ideas about this odd manic/irritable/blue feeling?


  2. sixtyslady

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    I have this to. some times if I take calcium it helps me. hope you feel better soon.sixtyslady
  3. Chilene

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    thank you and nice to meet you!

    i will consider calcium!

    hugs to you;)

  4. mbofov

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    Childene - there's another post about adrenal testing which I think you should read. If your adrenals are weak, it can make you very tired, but also jittery, low tolerance for stress. Also your coritsol levels may be all skewed like many of us, and this can cause racing brain.

    There's a saliva test that can check all of this.

    See the post by Steviegal called "Got the results of my ASI (Adrenal Stress Index)

  5. Musica

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    This could be an extreme version of when anyone is overly tired and thinks they will fall asleep the second their head hits the pillow - but then can't sleep. I've never known the answer to that. This could be related, just extreme, as FM symptoms tend to be.