Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lilbird, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. lilbird

    lilbird New Member

    Hey, how are you? I haven't seen you around latly. Are you doing ok?

    Are you still going to the FFC this Month?

  2. june-bug

    june-bug New Member

    I just got back on the 22nd from the trip to salt lake. I went to the FFC there. I liked the Dr. but Im really confused about the appt. I think I built it up and got so stressed with the trip and plane ride that I got in a major fog flare that started the night before my appt. I lost my list of ?'s that I wrote to help my husband and I remember my important concerns.Anyways, we went over my questionnaire and he believes I also have CFIDS in addition to the FMS. He believes from the questionnaire that my underlying problems will be of course the lyme disease, and that my levels of hormones are a big problem. He thinks Im low in all of them and in growth hormone.Thyroid is probably an issue. Also, on the candida survey the score of 120 indicates candida and my score was 435. He congratulated me on being their highest score ever.
    I gave all of the blood for my testing with one problem, they didnt realize I was out of town and I wasnt at the right time of my cycle for a few tests so Ill have to take those at the Quest in Santa Rosa next week. The only problem was that he reccommended the standard IV with cognitive memory boost which has high levels of B vitamins as do many of their supplements. I was uneasy about it but felt a little pressured and did the IV. During the IV I realized why I felt uneasy. When my fibro first appearred the buzzing tingling sensations and nerve pain came first. because I had migraines I started taking high B vitamins and always believed it triggerred my fibro and nerve pain and actually caused my migraines. Also, I suspected I had candida and read that B vitamins were harvested from molds which feed candida yeast.The IV made me feel hot and sick and I got a bad migraine within 10 minutes of starting it that lasted 2 days. that was the 19th and Ive felt bad ever since. The crappy thing is I dont know what to blame. It could be the IV, stress flare from christmas stress and the trip, altitude change, I also changed some meds.Now Im afraid to try any of the supplements they gave me because at least 2 have mega b vitamins. I may wait until I feel better so I know which make me feel better or worse.I cant wait to see what my tests reveal, though. Did you try any IV treatment when you went? This would be so much easier if everything I took didnt give me a migraine that I cant fuction with. Are you still being treated at FFC in LA?
  3. june-bug

    june-bug New Member

    hoping you notice this, I should have made it as a post instead of a reply...
  4. lilbird

    lilbird New Member

    HI, I just got on for the first time in a while. I just read your post but my brain is not working very well tonight. I have been in a bad flair for about 3 weeks and now I have the flu.

    I have decited to see a Dr in Santa Rosa to treat my Lyme. I haven't been getting anywhere with the FFC in L.A. They helped me with my hormones and thyroid issues But won't put me on ABX unless I test positive to lyme. so much for the clinical DX.

    It sounds like you are a little confused. I do think if you have lyme that is the under lying problem and it needs to be addressed.

    Stay in touch.

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