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    Hi junie

    I saw your reply in Cozykitten's post on fibro in feet.

    I have the same problem and I'm getting no help from doc.

    Could you please tell me what the test was like that you had for Neuropathy - how was it carried out.


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    I actually went to see one of our doctors(there are 5 at our surgery)and asked him if I could be tested for neuropathy in feet and he said there was no test!!!!!!

    Can you belive that?? gggrrrrrrr!
    I will go to another doc next time see what they say,cos my feet are hurting soooo bad lately I feel like screaming.

    Take care
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    I have been Dx with various neuropathies. In the early years my hands kept clawing and my feet similarly so but with no respites; I finally found one pair of shoes I could wear with very soft leather uppers and flexible crepe soles. My plantar reflexes were abnormal or absent, but when well meaning doctors referred me for investigations they unwittingly threw me to the wolves. So I never got any explanations for what was going on: had too many other symptoms, you know how it goes.

    After about 4 years my feet became less distorted, but I was left with foot drop and could not move them properly; i could not move my toes at all. I had grotty feet before I became ill, they are worse now, but I can now move my toes again and my foot drop comes and goes.

    Many in my family have similar weak joints, back and pelvis issues, as well as anatomical problems with their feet. They have all had treatment for theirs; I am the only one who’s been told it’s not as bad as I say it is. I am having a difficult time with my current physiotherapist (PT) but he has said he will deal with all my issues not just the cervical spine ones which led to this recent referral. So maybe I will get something out of this in the long run.

    I think problems related to neuropathy happen to a lot of us, one area gets really bad for a while; then it seems to lessen to a degree and/or fluctuate a lot more. Unfortunately the worst of our problems frequently migrate elsewhere.

    Love, Tansy

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    i have perephial neuropathy in my legs,it also affects your feet in some cases,and mine is one of those cases.
    my neurologist is very good;he put me through the neuropathy test 2 times already,and i`m fixing to go for a third one Sept 19 because my legs and feet have been hurting bad lately. the test is called an EEG,its a very uncomfortable test(it was for me anyway)they actually take paddles and shock your legs front and back; around 30 minutes of being shocked and i was ready to jumpp clean up off that table. but i`ve learned to live with pain some since i have it so much,but that being shocked feeling is something else.
    but it will show if you have damaged nerves in your legs
    so if you don`t have a neurologist,i suggest you get one and tell him your symptoms,i`m sure he will run that test on you. sorry i am longwinded,i tend to rattle on and on.
    hope you find your answer ((((hugs))))
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    I have terrible fibro in my feet complicated by a lot of other conditions. I have begun having a foot reflexologist come to my home weekly. I have had a lot of the swelling and pain helped. I missed a week with labor day and could really tell how much it has helped. You may want to find one in your area. It's definitely been good for me.

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    I went to a reflexologist years ago before my feet were so bad. as i remember she put quite a bit of pressur on toes i dont know if i could handle that now my feet burn toes are numb its really hard to walk what do you think thx GAIL

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    I also get that clawing in my hands every morning!!!!!!

    I was given those hand splints which are ok but cos I am skin sensitive they can hurt me too.
    (What a cry baby hey? lol)
    I will ask to be sent to a neurologist when I go next week.

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    Rena, doctors are so hopeless, mine says he cant find anything wrong with my feet - wish he could try walking on them.

    Tansy - I get claw hands too, doc says it's because I am in pain - really? You foot problems sound horrendous. I just dont understand why I this has started, I've had the same symptoms for years and now a new one.

    NJE - I will mention this EEG test to my doc - I want to see someone.

    Jackie - I have thought about foot reflexology and might give it a try.

    Leftygig - I am a bit scared of foot reflexology too as my feet are SO painful but I think its worth a go.