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    So I live with my brother which at first i thought would work he has his own house an everything well he got hit by a car ah has had a lot of free time so hes been havin people over every night and drinking every night an i lock myself in my room til my friend comes to get me an i stay with him. i cry every night because i dont feel like i have a home. an even when i tell him im uncomfortable he still continues an i have anxiety attacks over this an feel so much stress. i feel like its killing me. some of these friends of his are bad people out of jail been into drugs so i have a right to feel uncomfortable. but he keeps on doing it. i dont have the money to move. i pay rent here but i hate coming back here i always dread coming back here. never knowing if someones here or if ill have to clean up more beer messes an cigarettes. i worry about my kitten being here with them. i just feel so much stress i feel so close to a breakdown. i cant take much more.
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    for you. Do you have a friend or relative you can stay with? If not, can you put a lock on your room so you don't have to worry if anyone was in there while you are out? You may feel better knowing that your kitty is safe in your room. I forget, do you have FM or CFS? I know the stress is not helping your body any.

    You are in my prayers and thoughts.
    Soft heart hugs,
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    I would find a way to move. Even if it was a one room apt.
    Maybe you could get financial help. I have heard where welfare or something like that will help someone move, but only once.

    I do not know your finances, but I gathered that money was tight for you. But I am sure if you start making calls, go and talk to people, something could work out for you.

    This is too dangerous and certainly not a good place for someone that needs their peace of mind.

    I wish I could give you even better advise. I can only say Pray and work on getting out of there.

    Look into financially assisted housing. Talk to someone at a church. Just talk to everyone you can think of. Something will turn up if you keep at it.

    GOOD LUCK................
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    i have a lock on my door and always lock it when i leave an when im in it. feels like a prison sometimes. has a computer and tv in it so a little nicer prison but still. an my kitten loves to roam especially at night my room is too small for her to be locked in plus her litter is downstairs. he swears she'll never get hurt but he cant predict what will happen when his friends get intoxicated.
    I have fibro endo and mitral valve so im already a mess as it is.
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    ive looked into moving but what i pay my brother for rent is all i can afford and no apartment is that cheap anywhere aorund here. an the apartments that you can get assistance with would have to take my kitten an a lot of apartments around here wont take animals unless there declawed but most not at all. I also cant jus live in a slum apartment i know what those landlords are like that would jus be even worse stress. all i have now is my best friend i go to his place when im not working an i stay there. i feel more at home in his place than this one. i feel trapped here.
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    do you have one in your town or a city near you. I have one in my city and they have helped me out. Maybe your local church can give you some help or advice.
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    keep kitten and litter box in your locked room all the time. Don't take the word of a drunk that nothing will happen to your cat.

    PLEASE do this and investigate all you can about moving. Contact an animal lovers group who might assist you in finding housing. Don't give up! you won't get better physically living in a dangerous environment.

    Stay in touch with us on this board. Often we put time and energy to advise someone and then the person never bothers to respond.

  8. hopeful4

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    So sorry you are in this difficult situation. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing we can do to change our circumstances, but everyone has given you such great suggestions. Maybe the friend that you rely on can help you make some of the phone calls and contacts that people have suggested.

    Just take some baby steps. Break it down into something manageable. First, make a list of all of the suggested places to contact. Then, start to look up the phone numbers. Next, make your first call, with your friend's support. Have a paper and pencil handy to jot down what they tell you. If they cannot help you, ask them if they know of another place that you can contact, and write that down.

    In addition, try the YWCA, they often are able to help someone in your situation.

    Don't give up! You deserve a safe place to live that you can call home...and kitty cat too.