Just a bit worried about my grandson

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 2, 2005.

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    MY grandson who is just 8months old has been running a fever of 101-103 for the past week and the doctor says this is just a cold and when I was talking to my daughter I could hear him wheezing and coughing so much that it was making me hurt for him. HE sounded so awful.

    The cough goes from being tight to lose and youcky and I have not a clue as to how to help her with him. She is my baby and there have been so many changes since she was a baby 21 years ago. I am just worried about her and him I don't know how to be helpful and what to tell her to do? I know that we have a Kids care that if he gets wrose he can go to be seen and maybe I will suggest this to her as she is getting worried about him.

    It is so strange to me that colds and how you treat illness's in babies have changed so much in the past 21 years. IN my day it was use the humiditfier and vicks and the doctor would prescribe the baby some cough suryup and it seemd to help them but now they don't do that .

    HE has been rattleing with each breath for days and during most of his life he has had a cough that had him wheezing all the time and you can feel it when he breathes. And that really scares me. But her doctor tells her it is allergises. So I have no clue as to what to tell her to do about how he is feeling now.

    Maybe it is that this is the first grandchild but I am really worried about him and I don't know what to do about it or how to help him to feel better.

    I have come to the conclusion that i will leave it up to his mother and I found that we have a kidscare that is open till 10 pm tonight and tomorrow night and to 6 pm on sunday. So that if he does get worse and she feels he needs to see a doctor there is a place to take him.

    I feel so bad for him as she has told me that he wakes up and just crys becuase he doesn't feel good and wants to be held my mommy and NO one else. I know that feeling I hurt enough somedays that I wish I was small enough to be help by my mommy too and have that comfort me. But I am not and I and to deal with how I feel.

    I am worried that with what ever he has my husband will get is as he gets things really easily now since he has type 2 diebetes. And i get things easier too . But I will survisve too I have got some Airbourne to take sothat i dont' get this " cold and it is a pproved by my doctor to add with me not getting a cold andhave it get so bad.

    I know I am a worry wart and I just hate seeing him so sick and I worry about the treatment that he is getting. I never know that it was " NORMAL For a baby to wheeze all the time. but I guess that it is."

    So I will have to accept what ever it is that she wantst to do with the bay and be ok with it. I have no choice either. PLease say a little prayer for Braxton so that he will be feeling better and that his parents will know what to do with him and this illness.

    Thanks so much for listening to me whine about things I can't chagne once again. Thank you for all the help you give me.
  2. My granddaughter is 6 years old and she has had a similar problem since she was more or less your grandsons age. She gets a cough and her breathing will get labored if her mother doesnot give her a treatment , the name escapes me, I know it is a little face mask attached to a hose which dispenses like a mist and my granddaughter will breat the the mist in. She also uses a humidifier.But it is as you say things a very different to-day. Will pray for you and your family.

  3. lenasvn

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    Allergies? How would they know? And to what? A fever is a fever, and past 7 days there is something else going on. He apparently needs to go see another doctor. That small with a longstanding fever can turn really bad, really fast. Ratteling from his throat would be something elkse than allergies. Hmmm, get tough, I'll say.
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    as someone who's had both "allergies" (including asthma) and also has bronchitis and pneumonia on a regular basis....

    If this baby is running a fever like that for a week AND coughing like that AND rattling when he's breathing -- he needs to be seen by a different doctor and he needs to be seen right away.

    If it were allergies, then it wouldn't cause a fever, although asthma can cause both a cough and a rattle -- but definitely not a fever!

    My bet is on at least bronchitis if not pneumonia. And I'm also betting that if they check his ears they'll find they're also infected. My son was just that way -- anytime he had a really bad, rattly cough he'd get an ear infection too and start running a fever. The crying could be due to the ear pain as well.

    Please encourage your daughter to take him in to the Urgent Care or the AfterHours Clinic and have him examined by a different doctor as soon as possible. The poor baby deserves to feel better!

    Best wishes,
  5. Another opinion is in order.
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    My bosses son (18 months old) is doing the same exact thing. She can hear him wheezing and rattling. The pediatrician said it is a virus but gave him liquid albuterol to help break it up. Similar to what Candi was talking about (a ventilator I believe) except that it's just liquid medication.

    It is much more common than ever for children to have asthma and breathing problems like this. If he gets some albuterol in him for a couple of days it can make a world of difference.

    I would definitely take him in to a walk in clinic if you are not able to find a different physician to go to.

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    Sounds like definately you should seek another physician sounds like bronchitis if not pneumonia.If the temp falls below normal be taking him straight to an emergency room!The machine everyone is speaking of is called a nebulizer and a doctor will prescribe one if necessary.I am suprised that with him being dx with allergies they have not already done so.My daughter at that age was sick constantly and said to have allergies and childhood asthma...was treated for months with the nebulizer.Now at 13 she has chronic low white count and catches many scarry things but otherwise is a very healthy girl.She did have the RSV at the age of 9 months and it was a scarry time as it lasted for 2 weeks severe vomiting and diarrea along with the pneumonia and was hospitalized.Here they still recomend that if you use a vaporizer it be cold mist only no heat and nothing added to it.It was recommended to me to build a tent oveer head so to keep the mist surrounding the child.This did seem to keep her chest much looser.But don't leave it to the point of saturating the childs clothing and be sure to keep from chilling.For the fever I was told to alternate childrens tylenol with childrens motrin and that did help.But they say that unless the fever is above 101.0 don't be so concerned because fever is the bodies natural response for eradication.Childrens advil always worked best for fever when my daughter was old enough... check the label to see when that is for your grandson.robitussin always worked best for my daughter for congestion but make sure it has guafenisen in it.And I don't care what any doctor says I always put vix in a small amount on her nostrils and it did seem to get her some rest.I was always told to do back massages and tap lightly on the back to help loosen phlem.Watch for bluing around the mouth as this indicates breathing difficulties.If you do use a cool mist humidifier it is very important to keep it clean everyday as this can create bacteria just follow the instructions and you will be ok.Good luck!!! and hope the little guy is well soon!
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    My daughter Carrie is 14 and just recently had a bout of pneumonia.I tried to humidifire and vicks.But she got worse.

    I do know that it is not unusual for small children to run a high temp. and it is not as serious as it would be in an adult.But if he is wheezing a chest xray should be done.Some kind of moist air would help and some vicks always helps me and my family.

    You have every reason to be concerned. This is your grandCHILD.Maybe your daughter would let you go with her to the dr. and you can hear what the dr. has to say about treating the baby's cold.And too you can ask some questions she maynot have thought of.First time moms can learn alot from seasoned parents.

    I will lift up your precious grandchild and pray for healing.

    Take care Rosemarie,
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    Wondering how your grandson is - can you update us? I'm thinking of you.

  10. XKathiX

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    Bumpity bump bump...
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    Please let your daughter know that she needs to get her son in ASAP. Tonight do not wait till tomorrow.

    I have 3 children that go through that and he needs treatment. WE have a Nebulizer that gives meds. through a mask to break that stuff up. She also should find him a different doctor. That man needs his head checked. He should have sent him for x rays.

    Ask her to look and see if he is sucking in at the neck or belly when he breathes. Or if his fingers or lips have a blueish color to them. If so he needs oxygen.

    You can not mess around with this stuff.

    Let us know how he is doing.

    Praying for him,
  12. Mamalovinit

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