"Just A Closer Walk With Thee"

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    How does God see me?
    Am I what he wants me to be?
    Do I live up to his standards?
    Am I just a little bit like he?

    He knows I have good intentions
    I really do good deeds too
    But I know I fail in many ways
    What else for him can I do?

    Do I visit the sick enough?
    Or read his word and pray?
    Seems like I try to find excuses
    And want to do it another day.

    I really want to make God happy,
    And be the best that I can be
    I know for this gift of Salvation
    Was that he gave his life for me

    So Lord, I rededicate my life to you
    And please forgive me for my past
    And I will try to be a better Christian,
    Till I'm safe at home with you at last.

    Mildred Paxton
    Copyright ©2002
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    another good one, i print these and send them tosome people that are in prison. it might be strange, but it helps them alot to have faith and try to change their lives. i send it and it gets passed around, you would be surprised how many wait just to read these kind of things. so thank you again. kathy
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    You are doing a great job, Kathy, in doing God's work. God bless you! Deena