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    Hello all....bear with me, as I have a few questions. I keep thinking of things that happened during one of my BAD flare-ups that lasted for 8-9 months and showed no mercy. I am just trying to find out if anyone has experienced any of these same symptoms. The first time I had a flare-up, my vision was doing some pretty weird things. For about 2-3 days, my vision in one eye was "flashing." Strange huh? It literally looked like I could see lightning out of the corner of that eye. This totally freaked me out. It would last about 5-10 mins, then come back the next day. During this time, I was reading one night, and there was a black dot in the center of the page...I could only see around this black dot. This all happened when I was about 26 years old. I am 32 now, and it's never happened since. I never went to the doc during that time because I had no $ and no insurance. Now when I go the doc, I never think to mention it because of all of the other things that are going on now are my first concern. Also, I went to my doc today and my blood pressure was low. I only know this because the nurse told me that. I cannot remember the bottom #, but the top number was 93. My doc did say it was low but didn't seem concerned. Are there any dangers to having low blood pressure??? Sorry, I am ignorant of all this medical stuff but I know there are some nurses and others on here who really know their stuff. One more question, today I showed a doc a small knot under my arm (I am hyper-sensitive because my mom died of breast cancer when she was 34) and he said it was just a small cyst (as another doc told me a few months ago). But the doc today said that my armpits looked a "little puffy" meaning I had more of these under my arms. He said that it probably has to do with shaving and deoderant. I was just wondering have any of you experienced any of these things and is it a common problem with people with FM???? I know this is asking a lot, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Hi Stacy, if you are worried I think you should get a second opinion. Do not wait around and think about it. Since there is a history of this you could only benefit fro a second opinion. I know my neice had floating black spots in her eyes and she had floating cataracts, which did not need surgury. as far as lumps under the arms they may be nothing, but there are lymph nodes under the arm as well, and if they are changing in shape or size you need to know about this. Keep us posted, take care and God bless. Iggy
    P,s, just a note, when I had a bad flare up just over a month ago, my lymph nodes were swollen in my neck.but it did go away after the flare up.[This Message was Edited on 07/03/2003]
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    I have had small painful knots in my armpits before, so has my daughter---my doctor said the same thing, deoderant/shaving, and in fact they did go away (warm washcloths helped).

    That said, my mother has breast cancer, too, and since yours did at such a very young age, you absolutely need to eliminate cancer as a cause of these lumps!

    Do you have a good gynecologist? Make an appt. & get a thorough breast exam & request a mammogram (I don't know what your age is, but it's not too young for a mammogram if you have a family history of breast cancer, ESPECIALLY when that cancer occurred at such a young age).

    Please get this checked out & let us know what you find out. If nothing else, you'll have peace of mind!

    Take care,
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    Yes, absolutely, if your mama had cancer so young you must get every lump and pimple checked out. Your doc is too cavalier about it.
    I notice on this board that many people do have swollen lymph nodes, especially in the pits. I do too. They seem to be very sensitive and i can't use antiperspirant, or shave very often. Lucky for me I don't have hairy armpits lol.
    More and more I've been thinking, we need to rely on our own gut feelings. If you think you should have those lumps checked, then you need to. To hell with the smooth everything over doctor. Good luck, N
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    So little is really known about fibro. We who live with it and think about and research it need to listen to our own minds and intuition about our conditions. Follow your hunches. If you are worried, get another opinion. Don't let the doctors brush you off, pat you on your head and tell you not to worry. You know you will worry anyway, so act on that worry. If a doctor is condescending, find another one. You may have better success talking to a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner. Trust yourself, you know you best.