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  1. imalive

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    Hi how is everyone doing?
    My guestion is what was the longest period in which the bad pain and peralizing pain stuck around?
    I'm 26 yrs old and for the last ten years I walk with a cane maybe two weeks out of each year. I'm always experiancing some kind of pain but the bad pain usually only lasts 4 weeks at most at one time. The reason I ask is cause this time its not going away. This last onset started in Oct. and is just getting worse I'm to the point were the cane is not good enough anymore.
    Any way I try not to complain so again what is the longest pain has lasted?
  2. klutzo

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    I'm almost afraid to answer your question, because I don't want to bum you out.
    In 17 yrs. with FMS,the longest remission from pain I've ever had was three days. That's the bad news.
    Here's the good news. After menopause my pain level went down dramatically, and my worst pain days now, are about equal to my least pain days before.
    I started menopause at age 37, and they think it was due to the FMS. I was through it at age 44, and at that point was able to stop taking narcotics and rely on occassional Tylenol only.
    Something to look forward to.
    FMS varies widely in it's presentation, and I'm sure people with much longer remissions will come along to cheer you up. In fact, I have a Fibro friend who once had a remission that lasted nine years!
  3. Shirl

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    I had been in pain so much, I never tried to date how long the flares really lasted. I guess I was so relieved when they let up, that I blocked it out.

    I have had Fibro for 20 plus years, the longest I went without a whole lot of pain was a year. I though I was cured or whatever, then it came back with a vengence.

    In this last year I have really been doing very well as for pain, I always have pain, but not disabling like before.

    Its hard to tell, there seems to be degrees of pain with different people. Some on this board say that their pain is not as bad as they read some others posts, but we all seem to be in pain in some degree all the time.

    As for the flares, it seems they last different times for different people.

    I think lifestyle has a lot to do with it also.

    I am so sorry that you have this at your age. It sure interfered with my life as a whole for all those years now.

    HOpefully they find what causes it and what will cure it in your lifetime.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. bejo

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    My longest flare of pain was headaches for 2 years.But that was before I was diagnosed with FM.Actually it took me 2 years to get a Drs. attention about headaches.I am in pain all the time but thankfully not severe.Sure hate to see anyone as young as you to have to go through this.Does your Dr. prescribe any pain meds? bejo
  5. jka

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    sorry- it seems to never go away.have had some relief with a new drug used for parkinsons. mirapex. has worked wonders for me.i have lupus & fibro so have a lot of problems from both. good nites sleep really helps.good luck and i hope you find something to help the pain.yoga & massage also help

  6. imalive

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    thanks to all that answered I'm sorry to hear thateveryone has been suffering so long I'm on muscle relaxers and anti inflamitories and pain releivers I've had headaches as far back as I can remember Docs tried everything then when I was injured at sixteen I was taking all sorts of meds since and only when I try to stop taking the meds I get the headackes back something tells me that the headaches are always there but I'm covering them with the meds. To be honest I wish they would do a brain scan to see if something isn't wrong there.
  7. LeLeHpr

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    Silly to be sooo excited, but I rarely talk to anyone our age that has FM. Most are over 30 and have a late onset of FMS. Brings a whole set of other circumstance to us (not ment to offend anyone older as our pain is TERRIBLE NO MATTER WHAT AGE OR RACE)

    ...As for your question about pain...I have been in/out of a flare up for over a month. Was given "roids" for 6 days, then viox 2x's a day and skelaxin along with darvacet..It all makes me sooo sleepy as I SUPER DUPER sensitive to meds. I keep reading FM is not inflamatory, but why else do the roids work, ad why do a lot of us with FM have whacked out sed/crp rates??? Can you tell I still have much to learn about FM.

    Anyhow, I sorry to hear that you have to resort using a cain...I have not had that to happen. But, I have been bedridden for days due to pain..Hope this has been somewhat helpful.