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    so I got up the willpower to go to a docter- and immunologist this time- I haven't had any blood tests ran in three years, so I had the usual workup plus EBV, CMV and parvo and probably some other stuff.

    so I went in there with my notebook of stuff I wanted to talk about and certain tests- like the NK function and glutathione levels- I guess that might be my next visit (doing more basic tests first) we even talked about the whole immune system quandry of Th1 and Th2 responses- thanks to that post someone made awhile ago about cheney's working theory.

    he also gave me an allergy test and it turns out I've got allergies, even though I have no symptoms of allergies! one part of me is like "great! now ive got freakin allergies too!", but this would be in line with what cheney says which is that there is a shift from the Th1 side to the Th2. the docter agreed with this and said that I probably didn't have allergies 5 years ago... craziness.

    he also prescribed paxil, since Im pretty depressed about this whole thing. he said it was up to me about taking it, just wondering if anyone is taking paxil, and how you feel on it.

    I go back in two weeks- thats when Im going to talk about the cayce approach I wanted to try- one therapy required physician supervision

    well this was my first step back into the world of problem
    solving-it was worth it so far. cheers everyone

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    Hi skychomper,
    Interesting post. I just wanted to bump it so it doesn't get missed. Maybe someone here can answer your question. The board is running fast today.
    Cheers to you too.
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    Hi, Ive had cfids for 13 years. After the first couple of years i was depressed to the point of jumping into the world of antidepressents. At that point I took prozac. It worked for several years, but after dealing with a traumatic divorce I had a breakdown (mental meltdown). The drs, decided to put me on paxil. The side effects, the first month, were awful. But I was in such a fragile state I just lay there and waited to get better . And I did! Paxil really works as an antidepressent, because with this cursed illness, its effectiveness is really tested. Good luck to you! Rosa
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