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    This is my belief. I was taught as a child to pray and to ask for help in all things, but for me to get the help I needed or wanted I had to meet him half way , I had to try to get the things I wanted.

    But in this case of getting and liveing with Chronic pain , fibro I din't ask for it. I did however pray for Heavenly wFather to take this away from me. That whta htis fibro does not me in far more than I am able to cope with. And I as stil waiting for that answer.

    But I am learning that you can pray all the time& to ask Heavenly FAther to help you and he does, but it may not be in the way you wanted it to be
    NO I don't believe that he just looked at me and said YOU will live with Chronic pain. But this is a test. I have much to learn. I need to learn and teach my self that there is only so much I can do at one time. And if I go over than limit I will pay for it with fatique and pain and feeling like I have been flattened. But it was my con choice to over do it and now I will have to pay the price.

    HEavenly FAther is a kind and lvoeing God he didn't just pick & choose who woule have pain in their life and who would not.. Yes I have pain in my life but this pain is less in some ways than it was to lose my father 9 days before I was to be 13. That was a time when I needed him so much and he was here one minute. I needed my Daddy and I wanted him to be there for me. IF he had not passed away then the I would not have met a man who would cause me emotional harm and would molest me....

    But when that happened to me no one believed me as he was such a nice man. And a good man. And he was evil. Yet it took many years for the world to learn that he had done much worse to the grandchildren of his wife. And he paid for it . DID it help me NO I wanted him to pay for what damage he did to me. But he too is long gone from thisw world so I need to let it go and for give my self for being in a situation where he was able to hurt me.

    Chronic Pain makes you stop and slow down your life or it should but we fight that as we are busy MOM's , wives and workers and we need to get our jobs done. But we don't take the time for our selves that we need to take. I Need to just go off and visit my friend in Apache JUnction and let this stress go away as I relax. I need to treat me better and not let people walk all over me as the foot prints are getting pretty deep now. LOL.

    Yes there is a reason I have this diesase , I don't know it yet but there is... Maybe it is to teach me patience and compassion for others and to not feel so sorry for me as there are millions of people in this workd that are far sicker than I am . Many children will become orphans between the epidemic of Aides in africa and in the wars we are fighting now.

    The wars are to bring peace and I support the pole who have gone to war to protect this contry , but it still breaks my heart as I learn of the deaths of young men from a road side bomb.

    So is there a reason for this war. YEs although you my not agree with me. People don't take the time to learn about different cullltures and as the leaders of countries who are sest in the old ways need to learn that there are better ways than to kill your self so you can go to heaven .
    Why can't people just get along and learn that we are all god children. That we may naot all belive just who that god is but we do belive in a higher power and some one is on top of it.
    I want to know why the people of these war zones hate us so much we are not doing any thing to them but to treat them with the respect that they are intitiled to have. I wiish that the leaders would stop putting them sellves in to a job that they now think that they aremore improtant than everyone lese adn then are not.

    But back to this disease I din't ask for this but i have it. I am learning patience and compassion and forgiveness for me as well. I am learning that there are still things that I can do , I just have to do them at my pace not someone else's pace or I pay for it.

    Heavenly FAther answer s all prayers in his own time not ours and we have to wait for that answer and sometimes it is not the answer that we wanted it to be. I don't have the power to make this go away but I do have the power to make my body slow down and get more rest. I cause some of my pain from not doing the things I know will help me the most.

    Life is not always a bowl of cherries some times it is the pits. And it is up to us to find our way out of the pits adn to grow and lean that we need to take action adn the respondicbility that has come with this Disease, WE know when we are over doing it and when we push to far. . so it comes down to each one of us to lean how to slow down.

    EAch day we have th ccchoice to do better and improve or to over do it and pay for it and how we feel. Yes I know that it is hard to slow our lives down and to not do all htat we want to do. But I believe that we need to do this to slow down our lives. And to learn that we are just human's wo need to treat our sleve better adn get more rest and to learn that it is up to us to feel better and learn how to take care of us.
    Will this make us beteter and cure uis NO but I should help us to understand the reasons why we feel so rotten. AS i don't have the asnwesss that we need to have inorder to make our lives better.

    SO look in to your eye's and find that place that we need to be. learn to accept ourslves and even though we don't like this we do have the ability to kkkkeep our slevles uner control over each of us.

    Good luck & hugs for all,

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