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    Yes it is scarey to have. You can't get it from breathing around the person, or touching them unless your touching the sore and you have a open wound. My mom has had it several times and I took care of her on a daily basis, I rinsed , packed and dressed her wounds. I did this for close to three months. I always wore gloves when I was taking care of her. It is the safest way to do things and I washed my hands before and after I did a treatment on her.

    She is better now and has not gotten it again even though she has several open sores thankfully she is doing better now. She didn't feel well a couple of months ago and was given a flu test. They take a long , thin , bendy swab and stick it way up your nose. It was not the most comfortable thing she has gone thru, But she did n't have the flu .

    Thankfully. I don't know of any tests for MRSA except for the general things .Wash your hands, if touching the wound wear gloves. And then when your done wash your hands.
    The best thing you can do is to not touch the open sore and use commen scense.
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    Manganese is called the "maternal mineral" because manganese deficiency in females causes a reduced maternal caring for her young.
  3. rosemarie

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    IT was a scarey thing to have that respondsibitity. But for me I am the one who takes MOm to the doctors, ER visit, kows what meds she takes , what doctors she see, how much she weighs, and I take note when I go to the doctor with her so that I get it right about what he tells her to do and what she needs to do. She gets things mixed up and confused at times and does not remember what she was told to do and not to do. So I keep my notes and type them up and let her have a copy so that she knows what she needs to do and when to do it.

    The power of atteney had caused some family issures with my brother. He thinks he can just send to to what ever care center he wants to and it is not his place to do so. How Can I take care of her if he gets her into a home that is a couple of hours away from here and how is she going to get her doctor to see her.

    WE had a really bad row about it when she was so sick last year. But I maintained my stand and her doctor knew that if I had any problen I could call him and he would tell my brother to listen to what I said as MOm and I have discussed her plans. We are working on being nice to each other now. It is really hard because he is older than me and holds the money power of atterney. So some of his suggetstions are not good as they make him sound money hungry.
    Don't worry about MOm's passing away it is going to happen some day so grow up and learn to accept that dispite your trying to get her to want to live as good of life quality she is still going to die some day so I should just accept it now and not BOTHER HER about it. What a pain in my rear.

    Done gripping now. Sorry it gets nasty when it comes to discussing my brother.
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    I came to check on MOm last summer when she was going threw so many different illness's. OUt side her room was a table that had gloves, masks, gowns and hats and shoe covers. As family we were not requried to wear it all but I tried to wear it as often as I could stand the extra heat I was getting from being gowned from head to toe.

    I tried to make sure that all the staff were using teh universil preconstions around MOm. I found it strange that some of the nurse's did not wear the proctive gowns , gloves and caps. I would tell them what I thought aobut it.

    It is not only to protect them from the MRSA but ot prodtect her from comming in ot contact with other disease's that the staff , family and friends are exposed to. Yes it was tough to gown up and not kiss Mom good bye when I left but I was not going to expose to to any thing I may have had.

    I also didn't not see her if I was not feeling well as I didn't want her to get any thing from me.
    She has not had it again this year but has had a couple of surgeries and was given extra antibitoics during and after the surgery.
    I pray that some day soon the doctors will find the right antibitoics that will help to get rid of MRSA all to gether. I am not holding my breate over it but I know that some day it will happen.
  5. gapsych

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    I have been hospitalized two times over the last two years. The second one they did the test by swabbing my nose.

    I am really glad they did this.

    The only side effect I had of this 15 second test, was sneezing several times.

    If you are hospitalized and they do not do the test, can you ask for it?

    Glad that your mom is doing better.

    Just a thought.

    Very informative information.

    Take care, GA

  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I am so sorry about your Uncle. How horrific and senseless.

    Do hospitals test their staff?

    TAke care, GA
  7. kellyann

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    I have had some very bad MRSA infections over the past year and a half. Twice the right side of my face swelled terribly with infection, all around my right eye. It looked and felt terrible. The first time strted off with just a pimple, turned into a huge boil type thing that I had to go to the emergency room for. They sent me to a specialist, but by then it had drained, and I didn't need the specialist any more. The second one started with a bee sting under my eye, it got infected, my whole eye swelled up, I had a huge boil on top of my eye brow that hurt so bad too. I looked like I had been in a bad fight, haha! So, back to the emergency room I go! I don't know why in the world the dang emergency room doctors couldn't just drain the boils, but no, they send you off to a specialist, even if you have to wait days to get in to see them. By them the boils usually have drained on their own, busrt by then. You have to soak them with a hot rag, for pain relief and to get them to drain. You can't let all that infection get into your blood. Anyway, after those two infections I must still have the bug in me because I got several bad infections on my leg. I am all clear now. I have been for several months I hope it won't come back. The thing that bothers me is that we have a new baby coming to live in our house, my daughter is pregnant. I will have to be careful about washing my hands, that is for sure. I do have 4 year old and 1 1/2 little girls and they seem fine so far.

    I hope MRSA is not a life long curse! I know my imune system is way down, that is probably why I get it in the first place, that and I am on so much antibiotics for my Lyme Disease. Thanks for reading this if you did!

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    My 25 yr. old daughter,whom at the time when she was diagnosed with MRSA pneumonia was 5 mo. pregnant.She wasn't expected to survive.But by the grace of God she pulled through!! After being in a induce coma for a week,and having every antibiotic thrown at her.
    We thought the worse was over,not knowing much about MRSA.
    Now all her doctors are concerned about the delivery.She could relapse.The stress on her lungs and body could kill her. I am so worried. She has 2 other children.One with disabilities.The doctors said the baby should be ok. I worry about the"should be".They are putting together a team of doctors that will handle this,and prepare for this.They said this is very rare,they haven't had much experience with pregnant mothers with MRSA.Please say a prayer for my daughter and baby. They are talking about inducing labor around July 1st. I am trying to hold my emotions in check,but as the time gets closer the more afraid I am. I need some positive thoughts sent my way.Thanks,Robin

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