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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rbecca47, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. rbecca47

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    i was wondering if anyone here has had cellulitist (check spelling). i have had so severe in both arms, and now it is hard for lab tech. to find vein, last time in hospital i had to have a pic line instead of iv. just wondering if it was part of fm, doc didnt seem to know what caused it said it could just be from the iv's
  2. Pianowoman

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    Wondering if you mean cellulitis, inflammation of the veins. I have never had it but it can be caused by a lot of IVs. Sorry that you are coping with this too.

  3. jfrustrated

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    Dear rbecca47

    Thanks for your post - I think you may have been a great help to me. I have blood taken often for various reasons, or injections, and have never had a problem up until about 5 months ago. Path. nurse started having real problems taking blood for testing and when I went for my colonoscopy the tech. had a lot of problems finding a vein. I used to have veins that stood up and reached for the needle - now they are starting to hide. I didn't know that it was a real thing - Take care.