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    Hi everyone,

    I hope all are well today. We have so many wonderful new members to the boards with lots of new information and energy to add to our community. It's great
    to have so many people to share the burden of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia with. The level support and trust
    we give to each other is truly amazing.

    I have run across a lot of urls ( website addresses)
    lately and I wanted to remind everyone of Pro Health's
    guidelines for them.

    We can post urls for informational websites, but we have to be sure they don't also sell products ... And we
    can't post any web addresses of businesses that can
    potentially profit from our illnesses.

    Pro Health is trying to protect us from anyone trying to take advantage of our need to feel better. By not
    letting anyone post urls, they have come up with a fair
    way to manage this.

    Pro Health has created a safe place for us to come
    together to support, vent, cry, cheer, learn and gather
    information in our quest to improve our health and quality
    of life. Please don't post website addresses unless the web
    sites are strictly informational. We need to be able to
    trust one another.

    Remember too, in order to be safe, not to post anything personal like emails or instant messenger. We all want to make sure Pro Health's CFS/FM board stays a great place to come to.

    Thank ya'll for indulging me. I receive more then
    you'll ever know from all the members here. I wouldn't be
    feeling near as improved as I do if it hadn't been for this community.

    Take care,

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    Chance to read ....
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