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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by insomniac1, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. insomniac1

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    I just want to say a thank you prayer, even tho my health is not so good and things dont always go well. i want to pray to thank God for giving me all the blessings he has.
    Thank you Jesus for giving me my family and my home and my life. i know at times it seems like i forget about you and it seems i am always asking for help to feel better and have things go right. i do thank you for my life and the many blessings you have given me. I love you and i pray you will look over all on here who need you and please help them all feel better and be able to get back to normal lives so they can come closer to you and help in spreading your word to those who are unfortunate and do not know you are there for them. in Jesus name always. amen
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  2. fibrojewel

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    Yes, Thank you Jesus for all the many blessings you have given to me and my family. It seems I too always am asking and not praising enough. I do praise your name, and love you and want to walk closer with you. Thank you for helping my daughter and my family through all of the rough times. Thank you for rain, sunshine, life, good friends, and your grace...
    In His Holy Name, AMEN
  3. Shirl

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    The Lord has been so generous to me in the last few years, that it would be impossible to name all the things He has done for me, they are numerous.

    Yes, I have a husband that loves me more than anyone has loved me in my life. I just told him that tonight.

    We have our ups and downs, but the bottom line is, he is the greatest when it comes to my health, and to put up with all this illness without complaints about it, he is there for me when I need him no matter what.

    I also want to give thanks for these boards, that have helped me with my illness and given me a better quality of life, and the wonderful people on this worship board.

    I also want to thank him for the young man who asked for this board, and Pro Health that supplied it for us to gather and share our sorrow and our wonderful gifts from the Lord too.

    God bless all of you, and to give you relief from your pain and troubles, but most of all to give you a greater life in the Lord Chirst Jesus.

    Shalom Alechem!