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    i've been reading some of the posts about the stages of sleep, and i was just wondering...if that theory about FM is true, and doctors were prescribing medicines that supposedly cause you to go through stage four...wouldn't that cure the FM? And since it doesn't, doesn't that make the theory inaccurate? Unless the meds just don't really put people through to stage four sleep...then it would be the medications at fault, not the theories.

    i might be thinking very naively...i'm just very curious as to see what you think?

    sorry if this sounds stupid, it just occured to me though. thought i'd post about it =].
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    Several years ago when I was first diagnosed with fibro, the doctor began asking questions about my sleep habits.

    I had read myself to sleep for years and was usually up between 3 and 5 every morning.

    Over the years I had begun to take daily naps. It got to the point I was embarressed, because any time someone would call, it was "oh did I wake you up"

    I was taking up to 3 naps a day.

    So I was diagnosed and my doctor started me on elivil. Over a period of months the dosage was increased and alprazolam was added. The meds to take at night only, about and hour before bedtime. They don't work quite as well as they did way back when I was first diagnosed, but I'll hang with them for a while longer.

    Neither of these were meant for a cure, just a treatment of my symptoms.

    It made a huge difference in my life as I no longer took naps. I felt more alert than I had in years. I did not have morning hangovers as has happened to some. I felt more human than I had in years.

    I still have fibro and it has gotten worse,but I know more how to deal with now than I did back then. I have limits and I know it.

    I still hate it. I'm still frustrated with my limits. Sometimes I cry and sometimes, I have a great day.

    Your question is by no means stupid. If we don't question things how will we ever find any answers.