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    seeing a post on sauna's . i have heard pf people that have to go for urine specimens for pain dr's. that one person was on the methadone and yet wasn't showing in the urine. they found out that she had been going in the sauna's and that sweated out any traces of the drug.

  2. gapsych

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    I wonder if this applies to other medications?

    How often was the woman going to the saunas?

    Interesting. I would never have thought of this.


    ETA You might want to change your title so people know you are talking about saunas. Just a suggestion.[This Message was Edited on 10/16/2009]
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    Very interesting. I for one, sweat like crazy all the time. I don't even need a sauna. I know others here are like that too. Hmmmmm...
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    I'm interested in the sauna for the infrared heat. I sweat plenty on my own so I will be very careful of the fluid intake and electrolytes, my interest is the heat.

    During the winter months, my very core is soooo cold it hurts to roll over. A sauna would ease that cold and make movement easier. Due to the fact that it is infrared, it heats you from the inside out much like a microwave. That is what I need. My body parts are soo screwed up as it is. My head can literally be dripping sweat and my nose is as cold as ice. My hands like icicles my neck on fire. Go figure. My core feels frozen in winter. Bring on the heat.