Just adding some room to the post about what people say about you

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 5, 2006.

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    My self I hear this one so much that it drives me NUTS>
    "All you need to do is EAT BETTER ,GET MORE EXERCISE and your will come around and soon be feeling perky again. " Right NOT!
    You go exercise and do the arobics and take long walks when you haev the flu and times it by 100 and see how it feels then.
    I get told stories of people who have fibro and they hold down 2 or morejobs adn are in a wheel chair and they still don't take narcoitc pain meds. And they still have a young family at home to take care of...

    I don't have any kids left at home and if I do they are married and can take care of them selves. I am not that perosen who can work and work in pain , I hurt so much that standing makes me stiff and then I am not able to move around to do any tihng.

    "YOU really can't have pain so bad that it is a 1o on a pain scale every day"

    Just relax and you will feel better. Don't stress about it.

    "So do you know that if you take the narcoitic pain pills YOUR GOING TO GET ADDICTED TO THEM?"

    I am tired of hearing about your pain as you can't be in that much pain all of the time.

    "YOu do know that if you walked and stood up straighter your back would not hurt as much"

    I have one thing to say. Don't tell me what to do untill you have walked a mile in my shoes. UNtill you have lived with this fibro , CMP, Degeneritivedisc disease, facet syndome, radluopathy of the lumbar spine, bulging of 2 disc L4 L5 and L5 and S1, osteo arthritis in my left wrist, need new knee's, head aches and panic attacks. There is more but I can't think stright right now.

    So to all who have thought about telling me that there is a CURE and I just have to try this one last thing I say **********TRY IT YOUR SELF!
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    Wow! great post
    yours sound very familiar to what I have heard.

    Just get out of bed and you will feel better.

    You are just depressed, that is the problem.

    You need to make yourself exercise.

    Lose weight and you will feel better. (I did, but feel worse other than feeling better about my weight)

    Filing for disability was your downfall. Ever since then you have given up. (bull, I have not gotten worse, just more depressed about the disability process)

    You just need to get out. You have isolated yourself. (Duh! I have isolated myself because I am sick of your advice and negativity)

    You need to eat better.

    You need to not take too much medication. You will become addicted. (I wish I had some good medication to help me with the pain. Funny you take all the medication when you are sick, but don't think I should)

    Man I am upset about this. People are such hypocrites. They get sick and lay in the bed for a month straight, but when I stay in the bed a few days they don't understand. Forgive me for being angry, I just needed to vent.
  3. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    the one i hate the most is that this dd was caused by diet pop and it would go away if i would't drink it. if it were that simple we would all be cured!

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