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    Sometimes it seems because I am only 55, older family members and friends think they are the only ones "allowed" to hurt. I keep my pain to myself because of them.

    I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, going to speicliast in 2 weeks. But the ortho thinks I probably do have FMS. Your comments all hit home, the sharp pins in the back,the sand in the eyes, the "fog"....The rocks in the shoes?? Is that why my feet hurt? And the weights in the arms?? No wonder my arms feel so heavy.

    I guess because I am only 55 and heavy set people don't take me seriously.

    As I heard somewhere once-FMS is the Fat older lazy lady syndrome. Man have I found out better by reading what you all have shared here on this message forum.
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    I'm 52, so am in the same age range as you. I haven't had too much of a problem with people, fortunately. My FMS was a sudden onset after my hysterectomy 3 years ago. My family and friends saw how different I was before and after and knew that something was going on with me!

    I was lucky to get a diagnosis pretty quickly too. It was hard to deal with at first, but thanks to this wonderful board and the people here, I was able to find a regiment of medication and supplements that works pretty well for me.

    One thing I did was tell everyone who remotely was interested about this DD and I hopefully have educated a lot of people about FMS. Most had never heard of it. I try not to complain too much about my aches and pains, but on the bad days, I let everyone know. That way, they don't forget that I am sick and don't try to get me to do stuff that I can't physically do. I have to sit my daughter down though, and remind her as she wanted me to come to dinner at 7:00 pm on a day that I had worked. A definate NO NO for me!

    Take care, and hope to see more of you on the board!

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    Just wanted to welcome you here. I am a little young than you-47. I haven't had a lot of problems with negative reactions to my FMS and other problems (at least not right to my face). I am fortunate in that I have a supportive husband (after I got him educated on FMS and my other health issues), plus I have a couple of supportive friends and a great FMS doctor. And, of course, this message board.

    But, yes, I have heard often on this board that people are told just to lose weight and they will feel better. Also, because most of us are not "old" and don't look sick, we are not taken seriously. I really feel for those who have been treated this way. I have had problems in the medical community and it took me several years before I found a great FMS doctor.

    I still work part-time as a secretary for a small college. I have my summers off. I am fortunate in that a few of the professors I work for have a relative with FMS and one professor has FMS herself. I suspect there are those here who don't believe in FMS and don't really believe I'm sick since I don't look sick. But fortunately, they keep their comments to themselves. I have tried not to make a "big deal" of my illnesses (I have several other health problems in addition to the FMS) here at work.

    Anyway, sorry this is so long. I hope you find this message board to be a source of comfort and help that I have. I've been a member for several years.