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    i just wanted to drop a note of encouragement to everyone who is battling FM or CFS. Everyone i know personally (and whom i trust the most, obviously) is doing better then how they were at the start of their illness. Everyone. And I know about 5 people personally. Two gals consider themselves to be 95% recovered one diagnosed with FM and CFS and the other just FM. The other three feel much better - both with FM - they have their good days and bad. I am doing much better too - incomaparable to what I was a year and a half ago. I feel confidant that I will keep getting better.

    None of the ladies I mentioned above take any narcotic painkillers. They all do some form of gentle excercise and take other medications and herbs.

    anyway, that's all.

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    That is encouraging considering my doctor told me there is no cure for FM.
    Food for thought.