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    Hi Everyone I know its been awhile but I thought I might sit here today and let you know what is going on with me Last week on Wednesday I went to the V.A. in El Paso to under go an extensive physical to verify what my civilian doctor has been saying. Luckily I had the same doctor that did my initial V.A. Gulf War Study. So she knew me very well and knew of all my problems ahead of time.

    Well after about four and a half hours she concluded that YES I am Unable to work due to many medically significant reasons in which I will list at the bottom. Well she called me back this morning and gave me some real bad news. This is why I am writing this letter to you all. On top of all the medical problems I have told you all about in the past the X-Rays she had done on me 22 of them shows I am suffering from Aggressive Degenerative Bone Disease and that in my X-Rays it shows that I have Osteoporosis and that it is in my middle to upper back and that it has progressed pretty bad. So needles to say I have not been doing well in my head today. Down right depressed is the word. As I keep saying I can't have something Good happen to me!

    Well I was told that it may be as late as October before the Compensation begins. That is going to make it very rough on me. I go thru over $1500 in meds in a month. I have no idea how we will do that.

    To my family I love you and to my friends in this list I appreciate your friendship and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Well anyways for those of you interested here are all my diagnosis's as of today;

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Aggressive Degenerative Bone Disease
    Restless Leg Syndrome
    Traumatic Arthritis in the Lumbar Sacral Region (Lower Back)
    Double Hiatal Hernia
    Traumatic and chronic Arthritis in my Upper Back
    Lupus Anticoagulant
    Factor V Lieden
    Major Depression
    Ulnar Nerve damage (from my Ulnar artery surgery)
    Nerve Damage to my Left Thigh
    Brain Fog (loss of short term memory and concentration loss)
    Chemical agent sensitivity (Body itches all the time)
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Irritable Bladder syndrome
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    What can I say? God bless, and will surely send a prayer up for you...............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, have they been treating your degenerative bone disease/osteoporosis? If so, may I ask how? Will keep you in my prayers. Fondly, June
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    They have just found the Degenerative Bone Disease and Osteoporosis. They are trying to get the V.A. board to authorize early treatment and get a Bone density test done to see the extent. I am a Thirty-Four year old male. The doctor said in her 23 years as a doctor she has never seen a man in 30's with osteo and all my other doseases. She told me that she is writting the hardest letter she has ever written to the Board for support of my condition. I am so fortunate that I had her do my exam. I just pray that the compensation comes thru soon. It has been since 1991 when I first filed my claim and I cant work and my 18 yr old daughter has been very sick and in the hospital for almost six months now with an intestinal dosease. So my wife has been out of work in kansas with her and we have only $400 income a month. Life really sucks! Thanks for your prayers and I pray for all of you every night, knowing that you are all going thru what I am on a daily basis. We don't deserve this!! Love Jim!