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  1. rbecca47

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    went to doc, today,asked about swollen right foot, and numbness in the left side of body, for the swelling she set me up for a stress test, and blood work, to check kidney function. and says that the numbness is part of FM. she deffently said i have FM. and the the pt will help, if not the she will begin injections in trigger point, I think that is what she meant. prescribed norotin, and go for b12 shot next week, that is supposed to give me energy LOL. been having them for a year now. i still feel exhausted. no pain meds for me. recamended tylenol. and only in small doses, due to the kidney problems i have. so i am doing more test, seeing a heart spc. and ready to give up.
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    Dont give up, at least you are getting tests carried out and your doc is going to give you injections.

    I was wondering about B12 injections, I'm in UK and dont know if doc will give me them.

    Why dont you take pain meds, are you not prescribed them because of your kidney problems or is it your choice?

    love Rosie
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    I hope you get over this rough period. Hang in there. You are in my prayers. If you haven't already. Put in a prayer request in the weekly prayer thread. God bless you.

    Love, Mikie