Just another Fibro symptom?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrappnmom, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. scrappnmom

    scrappnmom Member

    I have been having a lot of trouble with my lower back hurting. Most of my pain has usually been in my lower back, but for several months it hurts down into my left hip and thigh. I know it sounds like sciatic nerve trouble but I am wondering if this could just be more Fibro trouble. I don't know if your pain can just change and spread or what it is! I do see a chiropractor who says it is probably a pinched nerve. It hurts the most when I squat or bend but sometimes I can't hardly walk. Does this sound familiar? I need advice!

  2. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    I have hip pain and upper and lower back pain... It feels like my kidneys, but I know its just the FM. feel like I have a vice around my lower torso...when I start aching bad, its my hips, knees and ankles to start first...shoulders and back are usually next
  3. lvjesus

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    Most of my pain is in my back and much like you describe. My lower back hurts most of the time. If I walk a lot, like out shopping, my hips begin to hurt more and more until I have to take a break and a pain pill. Sometimes I have pain in the muscles on both sides of my spine that feels like, and I suspect is, muscle spasms in a way because it feels like the muscles are "drawing up" and tight. A muscle relaxer would probably help that, but it is not something that I am willing to take because it makes you sleepy.

    The last few days I have been having more and more pain in more places. I try to think of where exactly it is and the best I can nail down is my sides at my ribs, more in the hip (saddle bag) area and off and on random pains in my upper back as if someone were poking me with their finger.

    I sometimes have that sciatica pain as well going down my leg and do think that is exactly what it is but still caused by the fibro.

    God Bless. Hope this helps, even if just by the way of sympathizing.
  4. scrappnmom

    scrappnmom Member

    I am in my 50s also Georgia. I have also had trouble with my back hurting for years and years, when I am on my feet for too long, like when I go shopping or when I was working. I don't know how your Rheumies are but mine has never done any xrays. He says that we all have some arthritis by the time we are in our 40s and up, so he doesn't take xrays because he knows he will find arthritis there. Hmmm! Never made sense to me! I don't know whether to just continue with what the rheumy has me on and going to the chiro or maybe I should see another doctor to see if there is another problem. My fear though, is that some other doctor will say I need back surgery! I don't really want to go there. What do you all think?

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