Just back from Doc with new meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Zonnie67, Dec 17, 2002.

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    Hey there all,
    Sorry I don't post much, but I limit my time on the computer because I get tired so quick.
    Yesterday I had a doc's appt. He took me off Lodine xl 500mg (twice a day). It was making my stomach burn. And now I take Vioxx 25mg. Can anyone on here tell him if they have any major problems? I still take the Elavil 25mg to help with sleep. I like those ones.
    My doc is funny though. Every time I go in (which is every 4-6 months to monitor me) he looks over my chart and says "we done all the test and you have seen the ortho doc and the PT, so I don't know what else to do, just keep taking the meds." Then I mentioned my elbow was hurting and he said "tennis elbow" and to wear a support for it. And if it keeps hurting he will give me a cortisteroid shot. Does that Doc visit sound familiar to anyone?
    I guess I do pretty good. I am very stiff in the AM, and very sore and tired in the late aftenoon. So I have a window of about 7 hours where I am feeling pretty good, except for the fact that my elbows are sore most of the time. Does anybody on here have sore hurting elbows? My other sore parts are: feet (if stand to long) lower back (if sit to long) shoulders (if carry to long). So another words I am a up/down non carrying fatigued stiff of a woman. LOL
    Nice chatting with who ever reads this. The therapy of just typing and know that others are out there helps
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    Fibromyalgia doc told me that it was bursitis. Alot of people with fm get this. I have found that I kinda had to tell my doc who I needed to see such as I think I need to see a neuro cause this is happening and she'll agree. I've learned alot thru this site and many and sometimes I think I know more then my doc does. I tell her I think I need a echocardigram for this reason cause alot of fm people also has this problem and she'll order the test. Alot of doc are in the dark about fibromyalgia so I feel her ear with info and think "who should get paid for this visit me or you? but she is good and I do like my doc.
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    I'm not sure what it is that you have - FM or ??? Do you have inflammation? If not, the Vioxx is not doing anything for you. Sounds like you need to find a different doc who is willing to approach your needs with pain, etc. I tried the Elavil but woke up soooo groggy it would take me 2 hours to get going. Now I take Ambien - much better!

    Try some light stretching, take a hot bath, and enjoy the 7 hours you have of feeling pretty good.