just been on amazing detox week feeling better

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    Hi All,

    I have been in Spain on a detox week last week which was an amazing experience.

    It included the following:
    juices with bentonite clay and psyllium husks
    apple cider vinegar and honey in hot water
    vegetable broths
    coffee, herbal and garlic enemas twice daily
    yoga in the mornings - i struggled with this and only went twice
    Chi Gong - a great form of exercise stretching etc - went daily for 30mins, relaxed my mind and gave me more energy
    evening talks on nutrition, health, toxins etc
    Evening meditation - optional
    A group of special therapists - rolfing, reflexology, acupuncture, healing, massage, emotional journey treatments (but all incredible)

    I actually felt happy for the first time in years on this week and much of my pain even subsided a few days later.

    I will post some more info relating to the specifics that I learnt and how irt helped me but I think if I had been on this week a few years ago - I certainly wouldn't have reached this stage. There is so much we can do to help ourselves.

    The place is called Detox International - I wont post the website as dont want to look like I'm selling soemthing but it really was amazing. My husband went on it to for support and his chronic back pain has gone after one session of rolfing!

    The amount of colon plaque in us too is a lot! Wow - I'm glad that's not there so my body can start again - must have been impossible with all that gunk in me! I have been advised to stay away from gluten for at least 3-4 months to heal my leaky gut and am experimenting with lots of different foods. The therapists there also confirmed that my body was highly toxic with mercury too so I am still working on my chelation prgoramme.

    The one thing of note is that they said that our bodies are like a 'sinking ship'. We overload it with heavy metals, pollution, chemicals, eating the wrong foods, stress and then we crash and get sick.

    They also said our urine pH must be alkaline to get better and remain healthy, so the akaline diet is definiteyl worth following.

    Just some info, will post more on other topics so it doesnt get lost.

    I really think something like this week sets you up for life and I even dont crave certain foods now - just healthy ones.

    Unfortunately I came back to a bunch of stress and can feel the aches creeping up but I know how to keep them at bay and the body is still detoxing 2-3 weeks later.

    I didn't feel sick or bad on this week - which I thought I would from not eating.
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    Congrats on your trip, Jo! I''m so happy for you! It sounded very cool.

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    how can a person with no money go?
    is there a place in the states
    that does that also?
    thats wonderful that your dh
    was able to benifit also from it.
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    This sounds really good! I'm glad it's helped so much.

    I've just looked at the prices and although it's do-able, it would be taking funds from any potential antiviral treatment in the future...

    Could you tell me a little more about the sorts of treatments they do on you, and how knowlagable they are about CFS/ know what areas to concentrate on and which to leave alone? Do they tailor the package to your needs?

    Which centre did you go to?

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    Although expensive, it's one of the best investments I made!

    It may also mean that you don't need some of your drugs afterwards if you feel better.

    The therapists are all there with you and there are 2 nutritional consultants who can give you advice throughout the week.

    The treatments are optional extras but apperantly because your body is in healing mode and an alkaline state then max benefit is achieved on the detox week.

    Yes they do know lots about fibro and cfs and one lady's entire symptoms have even disappeared now who had fibro!

    They do give you supplements also whilst having the juices and broths and with me they also gave me some supergreen juice to ensure my blood sugar levels remained stable as they know I have adrenal fatigue too.

    The most amazing thing yesterday was I felt a little tense due to stress so asked my husband to give me a massage and for the first time in 5 years - no lumps! It was a smooth relaxing massage with no points that hurt.

    I still am achy after sitting at the computer but I do also have mercury poisoning and am following a chelation programme. But I am convinced I am on my way to healing. I had a few days after the detox where I didn't feel half as achy and I could go to bed a bit later too.

    The centre I went to was in Cortijo Romero in Spain but is run by detox international.

    I aso went on a journey process which is an emotional therapy if there are things you are holding onto which entails your childhood and why you act the way you do today. This was very enlightening and I was so happy afterwards. I just can't describe it.

    After the detox - you can really change your lifestyle without craving things and the way you eat too. After getting rid of all that junk - it definitely makes you want to!

    Even my husband hasn't gone back to his old ways of eating pizza wraps for lunch but instead using salads with sprouts!

    I will post more about rolfing treatment in another post.

    It might be worth thinking about it though - most people go by themselves but if you can convince a friend - maybe for weight loss or just to detox then even better.

    I was lucky that my family live in Spain so couuld stay there 2 weeks before but there are other locations - the particular detox week I went on is the same as the one on TV 'the spa of embarsssing illnesses' if anyone has seen it.

    I still have 2-3 weeks more for my body to detox and will post how I am feeling then too.

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    Thanks for all the info. It's nice to hear they understand the conditions and know what they need to do to help us.

    What's included in the price? Can I ask roughly how much you spent on the 'optional extras'?

    Also, as regards to the diet, are you able to go back to eating normally as soon as you leave or do they recommend a diet? I've recently been put on a high protein/ low card diet so don't really want to disrupt that too much. Do you know if they cater for vegetarians?

    I'm definately going to consider it... I wanted a holiday anyway :p Would you recommend staying out there a little longer than a week to rest from flights/ treatment, or did you feel well enough to fly straight back?

    I hope you continue to recover,

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    Included in the price of my detox week was everything - yoga, chi gong, supplements, juices, broths, enemas - all vegetarian.

    The extra things were treatments by therapists, I would say I spent another 300 pounds on top but then I had about 5 treatments - acupuncture, rolfing and reflexology and journey healing.

    I had 2 weeks off beforehand and stayed with my sister so it might be worth considering staying somewhere either a week before or after. I was due to fly back the same day but my flight got cancelled so flew the next day in buisiness class for no extra fee!! I would definitely recommend at least a day or 2 after as a break too. You have to be prepared as the first few days after detox they give you a list of things to eat and how to break the fast. If you are on a high protein diet then they would probably give you green juice - full of grasses and energy like they did me.

    I prepared all my own food to take back with me - even for the plane as you just know what's in everything but afterwards you really don't feel like eating rubbish.

    I also chose to take supplement branch chain amino acids 3 x day to ensure I had protein but that was my decision.

    There was also an iridologist at this one who gave free consultations. In the middle to end of the week - you are given a full consultation on how you move forward and the therapists are all great.

    The advice I was given that I'm not already doing was to have a completely gluten free diet for at least 3-4 months, drink ultra clear to speed up phase 2 of my liver, drink tinging nettle tea and uva ursi to help my kidneys excrete better. The consultatn I saw was also a kinesiologist so she tested me for foods etc. It also came up with high mercury all over my body and chemicals which was just another confirmation to me to continue my chelation programme.

    Well worth it though!

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    I have managed to catch a couple of the "Spa of Embarassing Illnesses" episodes and am amazed at the results! I saw the last couple of episodes from when they were in the Turkey retreat - and they managed to cure a man of psoriasis! Unbelievable!

    I was wondering though, the turkey retreat ("LifeCo") is a different company to the retreats in Spain and Portugal (Detox Intern'tl) - are they basically the same company and have the saem protocols? I notice a couple of the people from the centre in Turkey work in the Spanish centres, so I'm guessing they're linked?
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    The detox international is run by Midi - I don't know if the others are the same you can always ask them and ask - you can mention my name - Josie and say I have just been on the Spain one if you like.

    good luck!
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    I think if I could just afford to travel to Spain or feel well enough to travel and dispense with the other stuff, I would feel a lot better and spend less money!!!

    If I need an enima, I can do that at home, LOL!!!

    I have a feeling these places make a lot of money.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

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    I spoke to Midi today (mentioned you and she remembered!) - sounds very good and they all seem to know what they're doing so I'm going to book up. Annoyingly they've no places left until January though.

    I found out that Amanda Hamilton has her own chain of retreats - one in Surrey and the other in the French Alps. She personally runs them, with some of the staff from the Spanish retreats. SO much more expensive though - £3k for a week!

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences of the retreats!

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    That's great Atlanta - January's not far away, even though it might seem like forever. You will get sooo many benefits for it and hopefully be on your way to healing. It really sets you up for life.

    The longer you can follow the pre-cleanse diet for before the detox week - the better as other people had a few headaches etc that I didn't get. In fact I think I felt better that whole week than I have in a long time!

    I do Chi Gong daily now and have ordered DVDs - just take it easy with the yoga!One person I would strongly recommend seeing is a lady called Ziza - she truly is amazing. Heath the rolfer is fantastic too and really smoothed out my lumps and bumps.

    I haven't touched a piece of bread or dairy since coming back from there and am following the alkaline diet to a T.

    Let us know how you get on with it.
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    hi just read your email . could you please tell me everthing you know about detox centre n email addy location price ect . would love to try it am feeling really bad a oment need a lift thanks cath
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    The website to the one I went to is:

    www.detox-international.com - should have all the info on there.

    Let us know if you go.