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    I just bought a new bed. It is a sleep number bed and I will be trying it out tonight. I was not cheap, but I needed a new one anyway. Has anyone had any experience with on of these? It sure feels comfortable, but I want to see of it makes any difference in the way I feel during the day. I will give a report soon.

    Oh, if anyone knows a doc in south Mississippi or southeast Louisana that will treat CSF please let me know. The docs I have seen so far just tell me to take Effexor and learn to live with the pain and fever...maybe it wll go away...Not easy to accept this. I take no pain meds or anything else but Effexor. I did take a 5mg Lortab yesterday and it did help. Infact, it made me think I could function and stay at work. It is sad that this is what it will take. Plus, I dont see any doc prescribing that for me.

    Thanks all..
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    Let us know how you like it, Brian. :)

    My problem with my mattress is that with use, it saggs in the middle. With a sleep number bed, is the air pressure distributed so that it never gets saggy?

    Hope you have a good night!

    P.S. For saggy-mattress people here, try putting a carpet sample or an old sweater under the mattress where the dip is. It can help to level out the mattress so it is more flat when you lie on it. Makes a big difference in how sore my back is in the morning.
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    It has been a few nights on the new sleep number bed. Here is what I have to say... It is nice, but I dont think it is worth the money. I do have to say that I have sleep through the night a couple of the nights without waking up. I never did this with the old bed. I will keep moving the number around and see if it will get better, but for now I still hurt and cant really tell much or any difference in the way I feel. Oh well not a big shocker huh...

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    Hi Brian.

    I just bought a new bed too. A beautyrest. My other was too hard.

    I love it. I go right to sleep.

    sorry your bed isn't worth what you paid. i looked at them, but decided to stick with a regular bed.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleep number bed!!!!!!

    It has almost ended my early morning pain.

    I keep mine at around 25. We shopped beds for months and would literally stay in the store for 3 - 4 hours just laying around.

    I used to have a tempurpedic and we were going to go from Queen to King size. I was CERTAIN I wanted another memory foam. We were even going to get the California kings where we could each have the adjustable bed set up. I really wanted that


    I was SHOCKED to find out how much more comfortable I was on the sleep number.

    I will say that I had a twin memory foam liner and I put that UNDER my half of the air mattress because having it set so low (25) it could almost stop seeming cushy enough, if that makes sense..the foam underneath absorbs some of the whatever it is...
    the I also put a 12" strip of memory foam over the "inlay" between the two twin mattresses(that's how our king works, because my husband and I wanted dual controls.

    Doing these really helped stop the feeling of a ridge between us.

    Let us know how you like it. I am anxious to hear if other fibro people have the same good experience that I have.

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    I have one other tip I have learned is very helpful for a good nights sleep.

    Sleep in satiny PJ's. They help you to roll around in the bed with NO friction and no waking up to move. I think Fibro's are super sensitive to touch and body friction (Sensory Integration Disorder).