Just bought the book "Fibromyalgia for Dummies"...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fificat, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. fificat

    fificat New Member

    I just ordered it off amazon.com for really cheap cause it was used.. I read on a thread that it was a good source of information..I love to read.. it helps for me to forget about the pain and relax.. So does anyone have anymore suggestions on more informational books I could check up on??
    Happy reading
  2. Toga

    Toga Member

    I think its great. I'm not too good with lots of technical and/or medical terms and this is written in such a way that we all can understand.

    I also gave it to my husband. He read some of it. He's not much on reading.

  3. Tinuviel

    Tinuviel New Member

    "Living with Fibromyalgia, Christine Craggs-Hinton". This woman has written a book about FMS cause she has FMS. Very accurate and informative, I dropped the book when I saw the diagram of a person with FMS' stance. She has also written a book called the Fibromyalgia diet which has some wicked recipes for food that wont hurt! Both books are cheap new but you can always buy second hand from Amazon or somewhere.
  4. moonbeam032365

    moonbeam032365 New Member

    I think the library is a great sourse for info. I'm sure if they don't have the book your looking for they can get it.

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