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    I was told that I have terribe sleep patterns. So he put me on Elavil(?) before bed, 1 tablet for a week then up to 2. Then I am to see a sleep specialist. I do not have sleep apnea, I am apparently missing the last 2 stages of our sleep patterns. Also not having any REM sleep. My question is can this alone cause my aches and pains? The doctor told me I could also have Fibromylagia and this medicine will also help for that. The sleep lab also suggested that I my Effexor XR could also be a culprit for this. SO I am seeing my regular Doc. tommorrow to see if I should change antidepressants.

    My next questions is what are the supplements you are taking for Fibromylagia? Everything for brain fog, concentration, aches and pains and anything else that can help me maintain a regular life if that is possible.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    God Bless you all
    Lisa K.
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    Just thought I would mention that I too am on elavil for sleep. I take 20mg at the same time each evening 8pm. I find that it really helps to take it a few hours before I get ready for bed. This has helped me the most out of all the meds I have tried for sleep. Just thought I would share my experience with this drug. as for the supplements I take bromelain, b-vit, bovine adrenal and thats about it. I hate taking a bunch of pills.
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    You may find that the energy boost effexor gives counteracts the drowsiness/hangover that elavil may give you. And yes, poor sleep can cause all of your symptoms. They actually did some research depriving, I believe military personnel of sleep for 72 hours and they developed fibromyalgia symptoms.

    Supplements I take are coQ10, primrose oil/flax oil, magnesium, B12, probiotics and newly added bromelain. Magnesium is usually low in fibromites and it helps with many things, but improving the quality of sleep is one of them. Magnesium glycinate is the best absorbed and supposedly least form for gastric irritatioin. Magnesium malate is supposed to be good for muscle pain. B12 is good for energy and cognitive symptoms. Flax is also good for muscle pain and regulating hormones.

    Hope you are feeling better soon -Karen

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    I can't help with the first part of your question I am retired and so I just put up with the lack of sleep and sleep when I can.
    About supplements, though. I use aloe vera juice for fibromyalgia pain and the intestinal problems that often come with fibro. I use Rescue Remedy for depression and Sleepy Time Tea Extra (With Valerian) to help me get to sleep. If I wake up during the night, I watch a movie. (That is when the best ones are on, anyway). Of course, I don't have to work or take care of a family. I take CoQ10 for energy and stick to a regimen of drinking only Mountain Spring Water (85 oz. a day),and the supplements my Dr. Prescribed, and I REST, REST, REST.. To date I take no chemical medications for either CFIDS or Fibro. You might check with our doctor. I hope this helps a little. Hugs, Terry
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    Hi Lisa,
    Thought I'd ring in on your first question.

    I couldn't help peeking at some of your other posts just to see what other things you've been dealing with to get a fuller picture. With that in mind, here are my thoughts:

    Your bad sleep patterns are probably not the orginal cause of your aches and pains, although they may now be "causing" many of your aches and pains.

    Let me try that again: The cause, with a capital "C" is more likely what caused the poor sleep patterns in the first place. For example, I noticed that you were having some temperature regulation issues in one of your posts. Much of temperature regulation is controlled by the hypothalamus. This is a clue. It means your hypothalamus may be off. Further, the hypothalamus for the most part, controls your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in turn produces growth hormone, which is supposed to spike just after you fall off to sleep (think healthy sleep pattern). Further, the pituitary and hypothalamus, ultimately interact with your adrenal glands (this is the elusive HPA axis that doctors like to mumble about under their breath). Now, in another one of your posts you spoke about adrenal fatigue - Ah-ha! So we have all three hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal clues...

    The bottom line is that you start to smell a pattern here. I could go on and on, and as usual I just did... Its hard to say what started getting things out of whack. For example, I always stay alert for long term drug or hormone use. These puppies are powerful and depending on which one or ones you used, it could have "HPA axis throwing-out-of-whack" effects.

    There's my dime for the day.
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    Bumping to see if I can get some more info. Please!!!!