just came out of remission age 25

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    I was diagnosed with Juvenal rheumatoid arthritis when i was 4 years old i don't remember much only being in pain and waking up every day felling like i was going to through up. i went into remission through my 15-23 and i am now 25 and out of remission my knees my feet my hands my elbow and of coarse my hips are so swollen. With the snow i can not walk anywhere in town and i am more then ever struggling with my anger and feeling of unfairness. i guess i am just looking for a few people to chat back and forth with so i know its not just me i am not alone in my age and pains.

    God Bless You All.
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    My mother was diagnosed with R.A. in the early 2000s and was trying some type of trial medication through a rheumatologist that seemed to really help her, but I don't remember what it was. She was getting a lot of swelling with her hands.

    I don't have RA, but I have arthritis of the knees. Many years ago I moved away from where I lived that was snow and blizzards to be in an area of Arizona where we don't get any snow. I envy my two cats running around inside and up and down their carpeted cat furniture that they play on.

    This year though, we are having unusual weather that is so below freezing. I went out in the morning Wednesday for an appointment and by the time I came back (and I use an electric scooter and it loads on the back of my car), I came inside and my knees were really hurting and stiff. The cold was just too much and with the wind, the cold was just cutting through all clothing. I underestimated how cold it was even with wearing the jeans that are big and stretchy. I'm thinking of using a small blanket to put across my legs while using the scooter as a way to help my knees, then get some thermal underwear for under the jeans and see what they sell to help arthritic knees in the cold.

    I also have the "bed buddy" packs of various sizes out and using them in the microwave and that moist heat feels good on the knees. Good luck and I hope you find some way of moving around in town.
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    Welcome to the board. There is also an arthritis board on this site. If you
    want to chat about non-medical topics, like kids, TV, pets, music, etc., you
    can visit the chit chat board.

    See the upper right hand corner for a menu of the different boards.

    I have arthritis myself. I guess it's the regular kind where one gets old and
    the knuckles swell up.

    I think your feelings of anger and unfairness are totally appropriate.

    Good luck