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    Wanted to let you all know that my friend Wanda is coming home from the hospital tomorrow. She will still have the trach, and other equipment along with her. They think she will be allright though. She will still need alot of 24 hour care. Her niece has moved in with her to take care of her, I will most likely go relieve her sometimes. Also give her a ride to radiation treatments coming up also. She is starting that the following week.

    Needing prayers for her. We met while attending school. She is on workers comp. No insurance though, and its her only income to pay bills. In order to apply for medicaid help, she will have to drop her WC. Its a big mess for sure. The hosital is sending her home with one months medical supplies.

    I am flareing, been flareing for a week at least now. Had a day or two break when the rains let up here. Trouble sleeping. Going to church today brought some strength. Was so neat, instead of delivering the message, we prayed for two hours, the whole church!! I cryed alot, let it all out, what I am feeling, praying, etc.. and it helped so much.

    I started a class at church called Discipleship training 100. Its a 8 week class, once a week. Learned alot so far. Love going. Got homework too.. ! I finish this one, then can take the training 200.. Next weeks class is about praying..

    Going to rest, do what I can around here, get myself together best I can, starting that job week from now.

    Hope alls well as it can be with everyone !

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    Hi Sunshyne,

    Dear Lord, please stay by Wandas side and guide her and show the way. Give her comfort and courage in her time of need. Place your healing hand on wanda.

    Dear ord also hear my prayer for Sunshyne , she is having a rough time also and could use your healing to help her sleep. Thanks you for giving her the strength to make church this week, I know this must have made Sunshyne happy to be there and to make it there. Give her the strength also to continue her discipleship training, this can nothing but joy to her and to you Lord. Amen.