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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Milo83, Mar 8, 2002.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just checking in to say hi & see how everyone is doing..Hoping that no one is too bad..Just want everyone to know you are in my thoughts & prayers..For those of you that have read some of my posts, I'm doing fairly good..But then I'm not my Mom's #1caregiver (she's in a nursing home)..She seemed more alert today, & didn't really "wander off" too much..But then that usually gives me a scare, because she usually has a "calm" before the "storm"..Here's hoping that you all can manage to have a good weekend..
    Take Care Everyone!!!!
  2. Charr

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    Hi Donna, I went to that Alzheimer's workshop on Wed. It was very good and it was nice to discuss things with others having the same problems. The one thing they all said they use to help calm their loved one was music. Music that their loved one associated with, one group turns on Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and other Burl Ives. I was thinking that maybe if there was some particular musicians or songs your mom liked that you could bring a cd player to the hospital and maybe use that when you feel she is gettig upset. Don't know if you every tried that or not, but they all seemed to find it helped them. I know when I'm in the car Mom will sing along to songs or parts of songs she remembers. Well have a good weekend. Talk soon.
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    GB & I are doing okay.......
    It is just a whole lot of other things that keep getting in the way.
    Namely two teenage sons.
    Freely available to whoever wants them.
    Prepared to separate.
    "NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    GB & I had our usual relaxing weekend, bit of quilting, lots of reading and watched some great cowboys and itchy bums movies on tele with 'the duke' featuring in them.
    Sprinkled a bit of housework, washing and gardening amongst my time.
    Two days off work makes our weekend all the more enjoyable.
    The weather here in Canberra Australia is perfect at present. Beautiful days of 25c.
    Hang in there everyone.
    Hope we all have a great week ahead.