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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Milo83, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Milo83

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    Just checking in to see how all you caregivers are doing..Hope everyone is alright & things are not too bad right now..Why don't we have a check in or venting post..Would be glad to hear from anyone..
    Take care & God Bless
  2. Pixie

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    Hello, I see you like nascar on weekends, thats something that my friend and I enjoy. but to me not the same sence Earnhart got killed, lots of people did not like his style, but being the intemidator made me like him, not to the point of hurting anyone, to me he made the race, now I like to see the underdog win, whoever that may be. who do you like?
    keep me posted, how is your mom, mine is doing good right now, its my 38 yr old daughter that I worry about.
    just got home frome work, and getting dressed to go out to dinner with my friend, dating this man for 3 years, after my husband died 5 years ago.
    chat later, hope you are having good days now.
    bye, for now
  3. Milo83

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    Glad to hear from you..Yes I love Nascar..Am 48yrs old now, & have been going to races since my Dad started taking me when I was about 6yrs ago..Couldn't get me hubby interested in them, until about 8years ago, now I can't get him to move from the TV on a Sun..Earnhardt was my #1 for many years..Racing isn't the same without him..I kinda follow Harvick & Dale Jr. now..My husband is a Rusty fan..My Mom doesn't seem as bad as she was there for awhile, but that even scares me, it's like the calm before the storm..
    I'm OK..We were just involved in a car accident on Wed..Just what I needed..They say I have whiplash by my complaints, but I had it checked & am on muscle relaxers for it..It's just one more mental stress thing..I hope you have a great time out with your friend..Hey, if you ever want to email me it's : DonnaH1745@hotmail.com
    I hope your daughter is OK..Take Care..Hope to hear from you soon..