Just confused...FMS or CFS?

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    Can you tell me the big differences in FMS and CFS? I was told I am an FMSer because it started with pain in my back, but I have had a lot more symptoms than I used to have even 6 months ago...is it possible that I developed something else on the side? I also have IBS and scoliosis. Thanks!
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    Glad you have found our board. I also have FM, and yes, it does have a lot of the same symptoms as CFS that cross over, but they are two distinct illnesses, to me anyway!

    I also have IBS, Chemical Sensitivies, Sensory Overload, Sinuses, allergies, allergic to most meds, used to have severe headaches, insomnia (under control now), forgetfullness, Costrochondritis (ribcage pain), infrequent fatigue, low immune system, etc.

    What is a cross over to the CFS with me, is the , IBS, occasional fatigue (mine only lasts at the most, about 3 days), and a few of the other symptoms. But mine are in no way as severe as with CFS.

    I had none of the above untill after I contacted FM.

    Why not go read the 'Home' and 'Library' links on the top of this page? You could get a good outlook on both illness from there, written by some great doctors who do believe in these illnesses, and do their own research.

    The others who do have CFS will give you a good example to what its like as opposed to FM, better than I can.

    Hoped this helped a little, and again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I have CFS, fatigue to the point of not being able to talk or lift my hand in a bad relapse, brain fog so I cannot understand what I read or remember much at all. Even a small amount of exercise can put me in bed all day the following day. Sensitivity to side effects on a lot of meds. Sometimes I have to get horizontal, lay down, to get any sort of recovery. Trouble sleeping, even with major sleep meds.

    My doctor, who is a CFS/FM specialist and good, says the two illnesses are the same thing but there are subsets of patient types in these. He says there are some people he sees that have only the pain, none of the other symptoms above.

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    To diagnose, the tender points are what set FMS apart from the other illnesses in this family. I have both CFIDS and FMS as many do. It is possible to start out with one and develop the other. They may be different manifestations of the same illness. I have pretty successfully treated my FMS with the Guai. I seldom have to take anything for pain anymore and my tender points are almost gone. Unfortunately, I still suffer from a lot of fatigue and cognitive problems. This is the CFIDS part. For me, despite the large overlap in symptoms, the two illnesses are distinct.

    I am treating the CFIDS with antibiotics and antivirals and the symptoms are getting better, but it is a very long process. I am just starting the bromelain for hypercoagulation, but I believe that will help speed things up.

    If I look back 2 1/2 years ago, when I was taking Morphine for my pain and bedridden a great deal of the time, I have made tremendous progress. Never give up hope and continue to research and try different treatments.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just to see if any one else would like to 'share'!!!!!!!!