just curious......any artist out there or those or like to create?

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  1. sunflowergirl

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    I try to paint almost daily since it really takes me out of my pain. I had been working/playing in watercolors for awhile but have switched back to using oils and I feel like I've come home. I can paint for hours on end and forget myself. It's not until I'm cleaning up for the night that I start to realize I'm in pain. I guess this means this is what I'm supposed to do.

    (I started this post on the fibromyalgia board and there have been responses. Mikie suggested it be put here to reach more)
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    I love to do art in various forms but I'm not an artist, but what I do satisfies me and that's all I have to satisfy.

    I take a class that meets once a week for 8 weeks and only occurs about once a year. It is for those who are rising from cancer, who have MS, who are disabled, who have depression, fibro and many other ailments and it is a class that stresses meditation, relaxation and nothing we do in the class is "wrong." She plays relaxing music. It's a wonderful class. One of my cats always comes to the class with me.

    The last class, I got up the nerve to try my hand at sculpture using a child's medium and it worked well and would dry in 24 hours. I made the Sphinx from Egypt but placed a cat's head on it. Then I painted it and decorated it to satisfy what I wanted. I had a blast.

    I also painted and decorated a facial mask and had a good time doing it and used fake jewels on part of it.

    At home, my cats are always with me when working on an art project. Almost like they are supervisors and mentors for my art. I also did a painting on a small rock and later got a book about painting pets on rocks (and even on bricks) and I look forward to trying painting on a red brick one day.

    I won't be doing a project for at least a month because I'm getting settled after some work in my place and it made a mess and stuff had to be packed up. My brain just runs with ideas of what I want to do and with different materials and it's all fun.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    Glad you have something like painting to take you out of your pain. I cannot paint or draw worth a hoot but I love to sing. So I sing in 2 groups and church choir. That really helps me. I have always called it my therapy.

    If any of us can find something they love to do, like painting, singing or anything else that will help then forget then they should go for it.

    You too Mikie. I love to look at paintings and have them around the house bue I DID NOT paint them :)!! You wouldnt want to see my paintings ,LOL !!

    Mkie - do your kitties try and HELP you paint :)???

    Love you,
  4. Beadlady

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    I make Christmas ornaments from beads, shells, charms, fishing weights, broken pieces of jewelry and misc other things I find at yard sales, thrift stores and stuff people give me. Part of the fun is the "hunt" and recycling things. I'm always on the lookout for things I can re-create.

    I also make window hangings from beads that I call Window Stars.

    Part of my projects I give to family & friends for gifts and part of them I give away to people who need holiday decorations. I have donated things for holiday fundraisers for various animal shelters too.
  5. TwoCatDoctors

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    Back in the mid 80s I met artist Laurel Burch on the East Coast. She created art that was jewelry, mugs, posters and more that was her very unique style and I loved her work. I found Burch to be so inspiring and her work so unique and creative and showing a part of her. I remember her each time when I create art today. And as my art teacher tells us, there is no right or wrong--we are all artists in our own way, so we should not judge our own work and instead embrace and enjoy it.

    Laurel Burch eventually died of OsteoPETROSIS, literally "stone bone", also known as marble bone disease and Albers-Schonberg disease. It is an extremely rare inherited disorder whereby the bones harden, becoming denser and they break and crush. She created art while having this disease and kept going as long as possible.

    When I met Laurel Burch, she said that her creations spoke to her to use the vivid colors so she did and it really caught on big. I bought her earrings for my Mom years ago, I have a scarf that is of the cats she draws, I have some jewelry, and I have her book of felines she has drawn.

    Below is the art gallary of what she has done. Go to the right side and click on a category to see some of her work under that section.


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  6. Goatwoman

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    Thanks for posting the website for Laurel Burch. I'm familiar with her cat paintings, but had never seen her other work which is on her website. She was truly inspirational--I never knew she had such a rare bone disease.

    It is fun to read about all the artists here. I'm a fiber artist, spin my own yarn, and mainly knit shawls. Haven't worked on anything this summer, but will gear up again in the fall.


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  7. sunflowergirl

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    It got me to thinking since she was my age. How she must have suffered with what she had. I think I may have seen her art work before....very colorful.

    I have an Xsister in law who not only spun and dyed her own yarn but she raised the sheep and sheared them too. I was amazed since knitting is not one of my talents and I so appreciate this.
  8. Mikie

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    I'm not sure this will reach more people here but we love these kinds of things to discuss on the Chit Chat Board. This place is more like a friendly gathering of old friends. We like it here because it gets us away from our illnesses if we want. We do still discuss our conditons, though.

    I am an abstract artist, mainly because I don't have the talent to paint actual things, like people or landscapes. Still, there is are some requirements to painting something abstract which is interesting and/or evokes an emotional response. Brushstrokes take on more importance as do colors.

    I used to sketch but haven't done that in ages. It's all I can do to finish my paintings.

    Love, Mikie
  9. TwoCatDoctors

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    One day on the Migraine Board here, someone so graphically described their ocular migraine that I wondered if there was migraine art. So I checked and I put a post on the ProHealth Migraine Board of Migraine Art that I found on the web.

    The Migraine Art post contains art work by people suffering from migraines and then they put it on canvas. If you have ever had a migraine, you view that art and you get it right away.

    Personally, I always felt that painting "The Silent Scream" is my representation of a migraine--that you want to cry or scream, your mouth is open, but you can't cry or scream because it would make the migraine 100 times worse, your head would split open and your brains begin to leak out. Then someone would have to repair your head by putting your brains back in and using a staple gun to close your head. That's my impression at least. [I could hear my cat Shelby saying "PUT YOUR BRAINS BACK IN YOUR HEAD WHERE THEY BELONG; you are so embarassing me."]

    The Silent Scream was not at all about a migraine, but to me it's my representation of a migraine.
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Kinda like the way I feel when I've been hit with a triple whammy and can't function. I've had a few occular migraines.....but only the weird wavy images but no pain afterwards. Scared the heck out of me the first time though.