Just curious..Anyone else have numbing in their hands.......

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    I really hate to complain, but for the past few months, and it's getting wose with time, my right hand particularly, gets numb esp. when I am typing on the computer! I wake up several times a night with sometimes both the right and the left hand numb. It is also effecting my shoulder. When I type the pain gets so unbearable that I have to stop typing for awhile and then try again.
    What on earth could it be? I am almost sure it is related to the FMS, but wondered what took it so long to appear. I have had FMS for 5 years now and am 40 yrs. old (LOL see chit chat board)
    I also recently had a hysterectomy.
    Any ideas or suggestions? I have a doctor appt. on the 23 of this month to discuss this, as well as my regular appt. for meds.
    Gentle Hugs,
  2. SharN

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    This is so funny I was just about to write to you about your numbness when I got your reply! Thanks for the welcome. And the suggestions. I guess I need to get back to riding my bike maybe that would help my knees and give me some exercise too. I have not wanted to do anything lately, I've been guilty of babying myself!
    I have had my hands and arms go numb at night my husband gave me an under-quilt for Christmas and I'm sleeping so much better and it feels so good to sleep on! I guess it's taking pressure off of whatever was causing the numbness which I had now and then. Could you have Carpal tunnel do you think? When you said your hands go numb when you type, it made me think of that. I hope you get relief from it. Thanks again, SharN
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    We sound like we have alot in common. I also am 40 yrs. old and had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago right after a breast biopsy. What a year huh? I have problems with my left hand going numb but I am left handed and when my hand is not going numb my last two fingers ache on my hand, how weird is that? I have had fms for 7 years-gone from bad to worse. Let me know what the doc says. Gentle hugs back to you. Sincerely, Vicky
    PS Do you use HRT or natural progestrone creme?
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    I have the numbness you are speaking of too...I get it in both my hands..but worse on the left side..it happens at night and in the day time...I had a total hysterectomy in 2000....10months after was diagnoised with Fibro/MPS.
    I just recently was tested for Carpal Tunnel and the tests were negative. I also get numbness in my feet. This is what first got me going to the doctors for testing several years ago.

    Alot of times the numbness is triggered by the neck being out some how....this is something that I have just learned to live with....stretching does help..and just riding it out..it will come and go.

    Have a great day
  5. marcus1243

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    And it does wax and wane in severity. But it has gotten worse recently, and I nearly always wake up with a whole arm numb rather than just a hand, as before. A couple of minutes of moving the arm about and it always goes away. I guess when you can't massage it out or get rid of it by moving, you know you're in trouble! The odd thing is that I don't get pins and needles when the numbness goes -- it's like the arm is either simply switched 'on' or 'off'!
    Yours with feeling,
    btw, the fact that you get it when using the PC is *strongly* suggestive of swelling in the forearms/wrists or carpal tunnel. Try heat and massage on your arms before going to sleep at night?

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  6. little

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    My right thumb and part of the hand goes numb especially when I drive or cut vegetables. The doctor told me that it comes from my neck problems. My right arm is affected by the neck too. This is why I am unable to work. It also causes terrible headaches. Good luck with the doc appt. Gail