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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mosherpit, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. mosherpit

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    I have Fibro and suffer from the Fibro fog terribly, especially names of people and places lately...what I am curious about is I love to do word search puzzles and am quite good at them. Very often I just look at the maze of letters and the words to find just "pop" out at me. How can such a jumble of stuff be easy to decipher but remembering my neighbors name so difficult?
  2. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I have always been real good with band names, musicians, every note played in songs on the radio, so on. I always kidded about being a senile old man and blabber on about nothing but who played guitars on those White Snake albums. About a week ago I started noticing I couldn't remember who's song this is on the radio. What made it worse is, these were 80s bands. My specialty, even though it's only important to me.I have to be honest with you mosher, it was scary. I'm better today however, but I now know that this seems to be in my future. I've always had short term memory problems, but now this. I used to think it was normal.

    It's scary indeed.
  3. mosherpit

    mosherpit New Member

    Good to know we are not alone in our "fog" i guess, but still strange and frustrating....

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