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    I have been diagnosed with CFS in December of 2007. Last summer, I saw an infectious disease doctor who tested me for everything under the sun including Lyme. My Western Blot test was negative so I haven't thought anything about it. I did contract Lyme disease in my early 20's. I went to the doctor the day after removing the tick and had the classic bull's eye rash. He said it was definitely Lyme and did not do any blood work but placed me on a 2 week cycle of Doxycyline. I have ALWAYS had strange illnesses. Could my recent results be wrong? Does Lyme disease reactivate at times? Sorry I am so ignorant about this disease but I am curious.


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    and I wasn't given the Western blot test. My results just said <.91 negative.

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    I'd honestly bet money that your "CFS" is really re-activated lyme. I recommend getting a Western Blot ASAP. While you are awaiting your results, make an appointment with a reputable LLMD in your area. Since you have a history of Lyme, you should see an LLMD regardless of what your lab results say.

    Let us know if you need help finding an LLMD. There are some lyme sites that people on here can point you to.

    Please keep us posted!