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    i have finally been diagnosed with lyme after ten years of thinking i must be crazy. (lyme as well as cfs, fibro, and 3 virus's that i cant pronounce) im relieved to finally have an answer but also scared of the future, and all the drugs im about to start taking.
    my question....i booked a trip to denmark to visit a friend, and im leaving in two weeks, and spending a week there. im scared i will be sick from the medication. my dr is making it sound like the antibiotics are no big deal, and i shouldnt worry about it. but wont i get worse before i get better? wont i feel sick from the medications? i wanted to wait until i came home to start everything but i dont want to make my dr think that i am not serious about my health. she has a huge waiting list and is very well respected so i dont want to piss her off.
    can anyone give me an idea of how sick they were when they started? im taking doxy and minicycline. as well as valtrex, and lexapro and a lot of other supplements.
    thanks in advance for your help!
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    Go ahead and get started. If you have severe reactions, like bad stiff neck, cut your dosage to 1/2, or every other day. That's what my LLMD has me do.

    I was EXTREMELY sick when I was finally Dx'd w/ Lyme....it had been about 10 yrs with the CFS/FMS thing. I felt better initially, and then it has been a battle. Some Abx are more penetrating than others and give you a bigger reaction from die-off.

    Detox is super important, so be sure to do the suppliments, etc. You need to help get the crud out of your system, and you feel worse when the by-products over load.

    Have a fun trip!

    Glad you finally got the the bottom of things, and can get "better"!!

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    thanks for the reply! i called my dr and im waiting to hear her thoughts on it. im thinking that since im functioning now and i know what to expect as far as the pain and fatigue goes, i should just wait and start my meds when i get back. because once i start them ill never know for sure if i wont have an adverse reaction and i wouldnt want to be out of the country if that happens.
    i figure i have lived with this for ten years, one more month will be do-able. i have heard that people get really nauseous etc, and i dont want to be throwing up on a ten plus hour flight. better safe than sorry i suppose.

    and ive also heard that chronic lyme is really hard to get rid of once and for all. is there any hope that i will be completely "cured"? or do most people still have lingering symptoms if they have had it for so long?