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    I was just diagnosed with fms and find this site so helpful. The one symptom I have that I don't see addressed is that I've had a constant sore throat and ear ache for months. Does anyone else have this, if so what do you for it?

    I'm still looking for an answer other than fms--will see a gastroenterologist to rule out (or in) acid reflux which can also cause sore throat.

    Thanks everyone, this board is a wonderful place and I find the webmaster's information most helpful.
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    I think your symptoms might be more common with CFS as far as throat and earache.

    I was diagnosed with acid reflux about 10 years ago by an ENT! I went from dr. to dr. with a terrible sore
    throat. No one said anything. I sounded very hoarse as well. The ENT took one look in my throat and told
    me I had acid reflux. After one pill, the next day
    I had my old regular hoarse voice back! LOL
    I have a husky voice by nature.

    I will see a GI at the end of August - if I don't
    burst by then!

    Welcome to the Board!
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    The sore throat is part of CFS. Don't know about the earache, though. I did have one at first but went to an ENT guy and he may have said it was TMJ (don't remember--if so, it's mild except I grind my teeth in my sleep).
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    As I said, I"m new, what does BUMP stand for?
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    I didn't realize that hoarseness was also a symptom. It seems that fms and cfs overlap so much as I don't see sore throat listed anywhere for fms symptoms. I've been treated for esophagitis and reflux for years and take nexium but I just want to rule out out any esophageal damage from reflux. This fms diagnosis takes a little getting used to
    thanks for your help. Mindy
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    First off,Bump is just a way of bringing your post back up to the top of the page so more people get a chance to respond.Sometimes the posts move way too fast and before ya know it its rolling onto page 2 and alot of members really only look on the first page~ Hope that helps:)
    Anyway......The sore thraots and earaches are a big part of CF. However I have Fibro and I do get my share of earaches.??(not many sore throats tho) Welcome and hope to get to know you some!! take care :)
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    I appreciate your response. Since the second doctor diagnosed fms a few days ago I am still kind of in shock. Reading the message boards is very helpful but also scary. Since part of me still doesn't believe the docs I'll see the gastro doctor and rule out acid reflux as a cause. Of course that doesn't explain the body aches anyway. Well I guess it takes time to accept that one has a chronic condition. thanks for your input.
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    The best book I have read regarding fibro is "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia". As I was reading it, I kept saying "I could have written this". It was very imformative and the protocol worked for my daughter. Good luck!