just diagnosed today with FM-HELP!

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  1. wendyk

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    I just saw a neurologist today to be assessed for M.S. While he is still ordering an MRI he strongly believes that I am suffering from fibromyalgia.I have been surfing the web for several hours but still have a couple of questions. hope you can help me.
    1. Often when I wake up in the morning me feet and hands are stiff, almost too painful to move, swollen. Is this part of the syndrome?
    2. For the past few years I have suffered from excrutiating muscle spasms in the wall of my upper stomach. There are 2 symmetrical spots, when I touch them, that send me into orbit. This is even after I have had steroid shots in those spots. I still have occasionally what I call attacks which are only alleviated by a specially made cream, heat, mega painkillers...and time.
    Do wither of these things ring a bell with anyone? I would desperately love to know that this isn't unheard of. Sometimes I start to feel like I am going crazy when I try to explain these muscle spasms to a new doctor.
    Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Wendy
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    It is very common with FMS to have morning stiffness.
    Swelling seems to be a controversial topic with
    FMS, but foot pain upon waking up is very much a part of fibro. It feels like you are walking on rocks or
    glass! I have stiff hands and fingers as well.
    It seems that when we are off our feet our muscles
    in our feet shrink and then when we stand on them
    the muscle stretches out and hurts. It is like
    plantar fascitis.

    Digestive problems come with FMS as well. I currently
    am going through bad bouts of pain and cramps
    and diarhhea. Sometimes my insides feel as
    though they have been beaten up. I want to see
    a GI to make sure it is irritable bowel syndrome and
    nothing more serious.

    You are lucky in a way that you have found a dr. who has told you about FMS. Many on this site have trouble
    finding a dr. who even believes in FMS. The symptoms
    of MS and FMS are quite similar. Some people on
    here are going through being diagnosed or wanting
    to get checked for it.

    What made your dr. want to check you for MS?
    Have you been to the library page here to look
    at the info on FMS? You may want to do that.

  3. psalmlady

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    First I would like to suggest to you ... *stay* with the doctor that diagnosed you because he evidently knows what FM is and all the symptoms. It is really hard in fact, almost impossible to find a doctor that understands the pain of the symptoms. They all will tell you ... it's all in your head!

    If this IS FM, you have a long road ahead so, try and make up your mind that you are going to fight this as long as you have breath in your body! Never give in to it and it will not control your life - just maybe change it around a bit.
    I have come to know, exercise and diet will play a huge part in the way you will feel.
    I also have come to realize what I can do and when I can do it. My life has changed-completely with this and I have had to stop things that I loved so much but, I have tried to replace them with things that I can do and enjoy doing. You will find out for yourself, what you can and cannot do-pretty fast. Important thing is, one day when you have a lot of energy please, don't overdo it because you will pay for it the next few days.

    Always keep the *hope* that you will be healed one day and this will help keep you going. NEVER give up! NEVER give in!
    You are not alone, no matter what you face. There are always others out there that can relate to your every pain.

    God bless! :)
  4. Lynda B.

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    Try not to get overwhelmed. There is so much to learn but so much support. There is this board, the net, FMS newsletters, articles here and there, etc.

    Also, don't forget that there is a search engine here. You can go to that and type in a word that has to do with a symptom and it will bring up perhaps dozens of people who have talked about this very same symptom. It is very helpful to a new member. Remember to breath and keep those muscles relaxed as possible as you are getting educated.

    Glad you are here.

    Lynda B.
  5. ~Cel~

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    I've read many places that MS can sometimes be diagnosed while it is actually Hughes Syndrome at cause. Hughes is also known as "sticky blood syndrome" or the anti-phospholipid syndrome. Might be worth checking out.

    Good luck!

  6. mum6

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    Hi WendyK,

    I also have reacently been diagnosed with FMS. I also have the foot pain you mentioned. My Dr. gave me a simple exercise that works real well. Before getting out of bed take a bath towel folded in quarters the long way and put it over the ball of your foot and gently pull. Oh! sit up doing this with your legs strected out on the bed. Do this about four or five times each foot. It helped me within days. I stopped after it got better but every once and a while I feel the pain starting so I do it again for a few days. Good luck. Lynn
  7. My rheum. dr. told me that fibro can affect any part of the body. My feet are one of the worst parts affected. Good luck, the one that said stick with that dr. is right, its hard to find one that even knows much about fibro.
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    Hi, I was diagnosed about a year ago. I have the same problem with my feet and hands. I look like I am 90 when I get out of bed, but I'm only 37. I slowly stretch my feet and fingers in the morning before I get out of bed. This helps some and is better than not stretching first.
    Hope this helps. At least you know you are not alone.

  9. cindye

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    Bless You! Get the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell you About Fibromyalgia" by Dr, St. Amand - if you have fibro, you will feel like you could have written that book - it recommends the Guaifenesin protocol - find someone who knows about it. My daughter was 15 when she was diagnosed - missed a ton of school but after 3 years I heard about this book - changed her life completely! After seven months on the protocol she was able to exercise ( you know, they all tell you to exercise and do not understand you do not have the energy or hurt too bad to do so) and get a job at a daycare - works 8 hours with children. Will be going to college this fall - YEAH!! Still has some pain and fatigue but is able to function - no late night partying unless she can sleep late in the morning.