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    Hi. Don't know how to start this. I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Happen to be a "stiff day" and bad day with the Plantar Fasciitis the day I went in to the new doctor with a list of "nusiance conditions" and constant fatigue.

    Since I have chronic pain and stiffness and off balance often due to the Plantar Fasciitis, was recovering from being rearended while sitting at a redlight, a friend invited me to attend a "Pain Support Group" to learn how to deal with pain & fight the depression she could see starting in me. Mostly there were people with Arthritis, MS and FMS. I thought I would not fit in as I don't consider myself disabled. I was really suprised at how my struggles and theirs were identical.

    I got news the insurance company would cover the new doctor so I switched right in the middle of insurance coverage for the accident. The old Dr (male) just ordered pills (which I hate). The new doctor (female) put me in physical therapy with medication only if I felt I needed it.I told her I wanted to come in after the accident issues are completed to evaluate other conditions I was dealing with.

    Ended up following up with her associate who is the one who caught the connection to my "list of complaints", asked questions and performed what she called a "Fibro physical test". I flinched a little but let her know it didn't hurt any more than normal so I said "just a little" or "more there". The conclusion was positive on "14 of 18 triggers" based on my "degree of flinching reaction" and not verbal response alone? Whatever that meant. So she diagnosed Fibromyalgia based on "number of tender points and classic texbook symptoms on the list" She put my list in the medical file and didn't hand it back to me!!! That I wasn't used to.
    She told me I wasn't going nuts just frustrated at wanting to do all the things I used to and it was complicated by the stress of a non supportive spouse.

    She gave me Elavil "to induce stage IV sleep where the body repairs itself", Paxil 12.5, and then "for your toolbox if you need it" she gave me Ultracet, and Ambien 10mg "for insomnia emergency".

    My energy still is low and I still have a low degree of "flue-like ache" at some point every day but I am finally able to do a couple things before I am exhausted.

    I am applying for disability even though I don't consider myself disabled. I just have several different chronic conditions that put all together do make it impossible to work in a preschool anymore. Can't stand long because of the feet. Can't sit long because of back, tailbone and neck. Irritable bowel and weak bladder (which I had suspended for prolapse once) means I have to have access to the bathroom at a moments notice. Diverticilitis and allergy induced asthma and migraines make diet restricted. If I cough or sneeze I leak and commercial protection for such causes rashes. I can't squat down and get back up on my own. I use a stick in the yard and stay near furniture inside to pull up with. If I get down I have to stand a minute before I move after getting up.
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    Welcome to the message board! I'm sorry for your diagnosis and how you have been feeling. I was diagnosed last summer and can relate to many of the problems you are having. I, too, take Elavil (10 mg.) to help me sleep at night and I also take Ultracet for the pain. I am also taking melatonin (3 mg.) at bedtime (about an hour before) which is also to help induce sleep. While I still have bad nights, I do have more nights where I get more sleep than I used to. And the Ultracet, while it doesn't completely erase my pain, certainly does help. I take two tablets. I started out with only one and my doctor increased it to two when it wasn't helping as much. I don't know what the milligrams are-it doesn't say on my bottle.

    I am still working full-time as a secretary, but do wonder if I will be able to continue until retirement (I am 44 now). Good luck with your pursuit of disability benefits. From what I hear, it can be a long process and I have heard you are better off with a lawyer who specializes in disability.

    Good luck to you. I hope you find this place as supportive as I have.

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    I was dx'd a little over 4 years ago. So sorry to hear about your disabling symptoms. Glad you found us.

    I am still working full-time, but 3 years ago I gave up a high-paying sales job because I just couldn't cope anymore. Now I broke but much happier-if that makes any sense. My boss totally understands when I'm feeling down and give me a lot of time off when needed.

    It's funny because what I do now for a living is place caregivers with senior or with disabled persons who need help in their home. I haven't run across another FM'er who has needed a caregiver yet, but I've only been here 1 year.

    You will hear a lot about meds hear, I am personally on Effexor in the day and elavil at night like you. I must admit elavil did make me gain 30lbs. I am making a little more money now and I want to starting going to a Holistic pratice to try the most natural way of helping with the laundry list of symptoms we all have.

    I got a lot of good results from the meds I use, but I don't want to be depending on chemicals for the rest of my life..

    I wish you great success in your disablity process.
    And welcome aboard