Just Diagnosed with a Strep B Vaginal Infection - Any info?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    Hi guys . . . I've been feeling more terrible than usually lately and running lots of fevers. The entire time I've had CFS I've had a problem with opportunistic infections of the vagina and urinary tract. Last summer I had two Staph infections of the urinary tract (they even used catheterized specimens because they thought the staph could be contamination). Today I just found out my culture showed a bad Strep B vaginal infection. My doctor is telling me that both of these infections indicate my immune system dysfunction because these type of infections usually occur in immune compromised persons. Evidently, the Strep B can also occur in pregnant women (which I am not). Questions . . .

    1. Has anyone else had a Strep B infection like this?

    2. I am so severely hypersensitive to medications right now I'm afraid to take the antibiotics . . . does anyone know of something else that works on this (any type of douching etc.?)

    3. Do you know if test results like these can help prove an immune problem in a disability case?

    Thanks for any info you can give! Love, Terri
  2. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    They think I may have had this for months! They also told me this vaginal strep B cannot be transmitted to my husband . . . hmmm, I asked and hope that is correct!!!!???? Maybe it is different than the strep for strep throat . . . I know that is really contagious. That's why I asked! Anyway, they said that penicillin or amoxicillin is the best, so they were giving me amoxicillin . . . scares me to take it and make all of the yeast issues worse, plus the bad sensitivities to meds (not actually allergies) . . . just heightened sensitivity so that last summer I had urinary staph and almost died from Macrobid!!!! That's why I'm very cautious. They said the amoxicillin is given to pregnant women so it is safer and that they are giving me a pediatric dosage . . . of course when I went to pick it up there was an error & my prescription card was cancelled . . . jeez! Thanks again for your help! Love, Terri
  3. healing

    healing New Member

    and taken a number of courses of penicillen(s). It always recurs and my rheumy is going to put me on longterm penicillen shortly. Yes, this is due to immune system disfunction, and my DO has been working to build up my immune system with homeopathics, herbals and supplements. This kind of treatment may work for you, too, since you're sensitive to ABX.

    One thing that I believe has helped hold the strep at bay this time is that I am taking oxygenated baths and am trying to get as much oxygen as possible in contact with my body, inside and out. We'll see how long this works. Oxygen is a powerful bug-killer.
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  4. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    I went through an antibiotic nightmare early this year. Went to the GYN because of vaginal burning--no yeast was found. But they did find E-coli and Group B strep. I thought I was just having the burning from estrogen loss as I'm one year post menopausal. Well, I was given Amoxicillin, Metrogel vaginal medicine and blood testing for Herpes Simplex (which was negative). Then a few weeks later, the Group B strep was gone but another bacteria called Serratia M. (sp) showed up. So, a round of Cipro was ordered. Everytime they did a culture, something else showed up. I then changed doctors and went to see a GYN that was reccommended. He said that these bacterias are common in women and live in this warm enviroment. Now, I do believe that because my immune system is compromised from FM/CFS that's why I have the problem. He disagrees with so many cultures as he said that doing cultures can stir up new infections and although everything is plastic and supposed to be super clean--bacteria can creep inside. So, after all those treatments, the burning is still there and probably due to vaginal dryness or even a possibility of vulvadynia (which can be common in FM/CFS women). I believe that Group B strep is only dangerous to pregnant women. My body is a mess from too many antibiotics and just this month I came down with a mild case of shingles---now more drugs. I've got to find a doctor that's willing to do natural treatments--but so far---no one is willing!!!!
  5. susabar

    susabar New Member

    Hi, I am a microbiologist...
    40% of all healthy women carry group B strep... including myself... It does not cause any symptoms and will not harm you. It is a concern for pregnant women, and we do "screen" them early in the pregnancy. It can cause pre-mature birth or worse septicemia in a newborn. ( blood poisoning). When the OB knows you are a carrier they give you antibiotic while you are in labor to protect the baby on the way out.
    Other than that you don't need to be treated yourself.
    I also have had 3 healthy babies, with no complications.
    I hope I have put your mind at rest !!!!
    Love Sue
  6. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    I hope you guys will read the rest of this string . . . wanted to reply. If not, I will post another message.

    1. The problems people have had with ABX and it coming back is why I don't want to use the Penicillin/Amox.

    2. Douching . . . I have known for years that I shouldn't douche, but now I have had terrible reactions to vaginal yeast medication (over the counter type too), Metrogel which sedated me for 15 hours & caused arms and legs to go numb -- a powerful Central Nervous System drug which is very dangerous for me and I used to use Boric Acid capsules to keep the infections at bay and have finally had a reaction to that! The doctors have actually told me to douche . . . if I didn't have infections all the time they would not want me to, but said it is o.k. at this point because I can't use any of the meds and the infections come anyway -- I also have a bad insulin problem so I have yeast there bad all the time . . .

    3. Strep B not being a problem -- In healthy women it is not -- except for pregnancy & dangerous to baby, but as one of the other people mentioned for immune compromised people it is a problem -- I am having terrible vaginal infection with fever (was in bed almost a week), plus swollen glands all over my body . . . very sick. I have a chronic sinus infection also that is structural & needs to be treated with surgery, but I can't undergo anesthesia in this hypersensitive state. We are trying to get me stabilized. What they think is happening, is that I'm getting so sick from this because I have the other infection going on and my immune system is already a mess! So my reaction is much worse . . .

    Also afraid the ABX are going to cause problems in the gut . . . I am one of the lucky few without the bad gastrointestinal issues -- had them at the very beginning, but they are gone.

    Again, thanks for all of the input! Everyone's advice was different though so I am still very confused . . . I have read several articles that said the ABX don't get rid of this, so I am not sure what I will end up doing . . . Some of the websites for pregnant women suggested douching for this because many pregnant women refuse ABX treatment.
  7. healing

    healing New Member

    bumping up
  8. Tucker

    Tucker New Member

    I have recently had a lot of soreness and itching around my vagina and vulva.
    Had a look the other day and noticed a few sores.
    No discharge.
    Help anyone?
  9. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    You should definitely go the your OB/GYN and have a vaginal culture done. At first they thought it was yeast because they saw it under the microscope and also had diagnosed it as normal bacterial vaginosis, which it isn't. Hope this helps . . . yeast usually itches a lot and bacterial usually is more sore feeling . . . Terri
  10. healing

    healing New Member

    aaronkatie, what you describe is what I have. My rheumy says I have a strep "pattern" to my arthritis symptoms (I believe, more hands, feet, than elsewhere).

    neuroticnurse, I've had exactly the same symptoms with no trace of genital herpes but strep showing up from a Great Smokies diagnostic.
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  11. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    but did have a very severe throat strep. They
    put me on Tetracyline and by the next day I was
    SO much better. Sure hope you get this straightened out soon, it sounds like you are
    very ill with it all! You'll be in my thoughts!
    Hugs, Bambi
  12. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    Hi Everyone . . . Thanks for posting on this! Strep Throat Strep is caused by Strep A . . . and if it isn't treated can be very dangerous and some of you already know. Evidently, Strep B doesn't cause issues with healthy women unless (but they sometimes get it when pregnant and can harm the baby) . . . however, since we don't have balanced immune systems it can be bad for us. Have been reading up on this . . . so, the person who responded as a microbiologist is completely right . . . in a normal case this shouldn't be a problem. Also, I sure am hoping that this doesn't come right back after treatment, but I have read a couple of things saying that it can . . . I think I have had it for quite awhile. And yes, a couple times it has gotten worse and I had sores also . . . never heard of that from strep, but that is what it is . . . weird! Anyway, penicillin products kill it (I have a notice from the drs. office that Strep B has not been found to be resistant at all to Penicillin products). They gave me Ampicillin (child's dose) because of my severe medicine hypersensitivity. I will keep you posted. It has taken a few days to get the medication so I haven't taken any. Was keeping it a bay with vinegar/water douching which took away the fever (knocked the infection back a little) My results say "HEAVY GROWTH" (YUCK) . . . by the way, as I mentioned earlier, I know that for a healthy vagina you should never douche. However, during this CFS I think my "self-cleaning" mechanism isn't working! (lol) I have constant vaginal yeast, have had regular bacterial vaginosis, now this plus UTI's and chronic sinus infection. I had never douched in my life until I couldn't tolerate (hypersensitivity) the Metrogel for bacterial vaginosis, prescription yeast meds, even have now had a reaction to boric acid capsules & probiotic suppositories made the infections worse (the glyerin maybe?) Anyway, I cup distilled water to 1 teaspoon white vinegar is just acidic enough that yeast & bacteria don't like it, but it is very gentle and has definitely helped me. My doctor is aware of this and agrees that for now I should do it. My doctor is saying sometimes there is an IgA defect in the Mucosal immune system . . . am checking on that. That can also be involved with gastrointestinal and kidney issues. Again, everyone thanks for the wonderful responses & hope this has helped others. Hugs, Terri
  13. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    Not sure if I am any help here, but while I was in labor with my oldest daughter, my temperature shot up from normal to 104 within an hour. They discovered that I had Strep B on my cervix, and gave me IV antibiotics. When they took the baby out, they put her in Intensive Care and gave her antibiotics. They said she could have died or gotten cerebral palsy or been retarded from it. Glad my doctor was on the ball.

  14. Tucker

    Tucker New Member

    Will made an appointment ASAP
    Don't have any of the other Herpes symptoms. But will check
  15. mlw

    mlw New Member

    I have been going thru hell with vaginal infections lately. My gyno (which I don't go to anymore) said I had a bacterial infection(BV). He gave me metrogel and that irritated the hell out of me. It seems like it just dry it out and it also causes a bit of yeast. He gave me this RX yeast cream which made it worse. Any vaginal cream that is white irritates me further. The doctors it is the gycol in the creams. I am just mystified with all this. Finally, he gave me this gel called "aci-jel" which helps quite a bit. This cream regulates the PH balance of the vagina and keeps at bay bacterial infections. However, it is expensive. I am using it and so far - okay. I am still looking for a female gyno as I think they can relate better to us. The problem in the equation is that when you say you have a weak immune system - they don't believe you, or they think you are crazy. Any thoughts?? MLW
  16. mlw

    mlw New Member

    Terri: The only thing that help me get rid of the yeast is DIFLUCAN. I know when my sinuses start hurting and I have constant vaginal burning it is because of YEAST. Your CFID doctor can put you on it for 30 days. In fact, one pill give instant relief! It is unbelievable.
  17. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    Thanks for the info. I have taken Diflucan with no problem prior to CFS . . . now I got really sick from it with a bad histamine reaction for two days . . . it is like taking poison I'm so hypersensitive. I had bacterial vaginosis and they gave me Metrogel (again, I took it prior to my surgery/CFS illness with no problem) afterwards I had a VERY SEVERE reaction to it. If you read the package insert it is not a drug for people with Central Nervous System problems. My arms and legs went numb and I was almost paralyzed and it sedated me (by using it vaginally!!!!) for 15 hours . . . I am really off the scale compared to lots of others in the hypersensitivity area. My doctor deals with very severe illness cases and he has never seen anyone this sensitive. I react even to electrical things and radiation . . . can't be around cell phones, microwaves and even had a histamine reaction to an electrical lightening storm . . . this is getting ridiculous!!!! Hope I track down the cause of this messed up immunity soon. Love, Terri
  18. lesleyjoy

    lesleyjoy New Member

    The information here has been very interesting indeed. Recently I had a profuse yellow/greenish,ordorless vaginal discharge at the beginning of a cold! The vulual area was sore too. I'm menopausal, don't have a sexual partner and my last pap smear and swabs(March)were all clear. On starting some antibiotics it cleared away, so I've no idea what it is/was. I've had it slightly before but it's always cleared up spontaniously! All the vaginal infections with the same description as mine are sexually transmitted!! Very weird...maybe not so weird, I've had CFS for 25+ years!
  19. tandy

    tandy New Member

    take the abx but make sure you take a very good probiotic while taking the antibiotics. (and after)
    Just to replace some of the good bacteria.

    The group B strep is extrememly dangerous to a pregnant woman. My sister had this and she lost her baby girl. (4 yrs ago)
    It caused her bag of waters to break prematurely,..and the baby was infected and she was just way to small to fight it off and survive.
    If I can remember she only weighed 2.11

  20. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Definitely important to get cultures swabbed to find out exactly what the scoop is- which you have done. I am currently on antibiotics as well...which of course comes along with the yeast infection. For me, I treat my yeast infections with boric acid powder in veg gel caps. It seems to be the only thing that keeps it from continuing. I know when my immune system is really not in a good spot then of course these things happen even more so! Are you taking supplements to help boost your immune system?

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